road game (just returned from Winnipeg)

I just got back into town from Winnipeg. I attended the game and sat about 20 rows behind the Ticats bench. Man that sun was hot! It must have been 30' come game time.

First off. My impression of the stadium is a interesting one. Imagaine Ivor Wynne, but just bigger!

The fans in the east stands for a preseason game were all over the game. Everybody was into the game, and even discussing cuts, and player profiling.

They got on the Bombers quite a bit!!!!

I later on moved around the stadium to see the sights. The stadium is quite large to walk around.

Looking for a lady, move to Winnipeg. 90% of the girls are very attractive, and look sweet in summer clothing.

They have a nice jumbotron, but not as big as Ivor Wynne.

Consessions are so-so! Though there is one location in the stadium I found with some nice treats (donuts, java drinks,etc)

I beleive there were around 27,000 at the game, so they really wanted to come out and see the Blue Bomber hopefulls.

Now to the game!

We looked GREAT!

Without a doubt, Timmy Chang will be our future QB. I don't care what anybody says about the competition, or just being his first game.


Outstanding poise, he throws the ball better than anybody i've seen. He moved around the pocket extremely well.

Dwight Anderson was simply outstanding. I was watching him covering the WR's and he was blanketing them.

He even got a INT, i believe. He also made a nice rush to the QB getting through 2 blockers.

I also was really impressed with the bench. That I mean is the coaching, and the demeanor of the players. It looked alot different from last year.

Everything was crisp. No confusions, players coming in-out at ease.

Players were really vocal and Taafe looked great in Ticats gear. He spent most of the game directing the players, and talking to the assistants in the coaches booth.

Burton Cummings is that you? I think I saw Burton Cummings at the game. Sitting in the alumni lounge. The guess who are from Winnipeg, so maybe it was him!

Cheerleaders? Without a doubt the best crew in the league. Take note Ticats!

I even caught some of the Ticat players staring at the cheerleaders during a performance on the field.

At the end of the game, I went to a restaurant across the street, and some of the Bombers were there!

Also possibly the highlight of the nigt was to see Mike Riley inducted into the Blue Bomber hall of fame!

That was also big news in Winnipeg for the past 3 days.

Tell us more about the women in Winnipeg, you said 90% available?

Thanks for the update. That is a decent stadium and the walk-up front and the retail store are a nice feature( I think they did that prior to GC last year).

There is talk of a new stadium in Winnipeg though!

Mike, I think he said 90% ATTRACTIVE, not 90% AVAILABLE.

90% attractive? Going to have to check that out, I wonder if the TiCats have a fan charter for the next away game in Winnipeg.

I went to the Grey Cup in Winnipeg in 1998 and 90% of the women I saw there didn't have all their own teeth.

Roar, you definately didn't get an accurate cross section of the demographic... :o

Whose teeth did they have, Glovesave? :oops: :smiley:

90% of the women are attractive, but 90% of those women are unavailable.

but hey! that still leaves 9% dateable!
gonna go checkout the Bluebombers' cheerleaders website now...

HEARtheROAR: As a Bomber fan and a Winnipegger I thank you for the kind words...however I felt that I really had to reply. I think, and a lot of us here in the 'peg also think that we have by far the WORST cheerleaders in the league!!! I don't know how many drinks you had, and I haven't seen the Ticats' cheerleaders, but if you think our cheerleaders are good, I shudder at the thought of what you have in Hamilton. Also, there may have been 27000 tickets sold for the game, but there was no where near that in the stands, it was pathetic.
On a side note, Congrats on Timmy Chang, everybody I know are jealous of how well he played. The future looks bright for Hamilton.

Uhmmm.. WHO's teeth DID they have?


I file evidence found at in the "Cheerleaders" section!

[Hint: always have a spare oxygen tank ready when going through the Photo Gallery... LMAO]


Oski Wee Wee,

ya there very Nice looking Ladies.
So are the Women Hocking beer at The Stadium.
The Also Love the Costumes They use.

Our Dance Team is In those Garbage Bag Cat Suits.
I wish we change to somthing more Sexy.

Just wondering what you are judging these cheer teams by HEREtheROAR? I have seen both cheer teams and would have to disagree based upon looks, performance and personality. JMO. This gets me thinking about a new thread....