agree with ro1313,great pics!I don't mind when refs make mistakes-human nature-but calls were one sided.I counted 3 mont. offsides,not called.Many mont. o-line holdings,not called.picks and interference,not called.Wpg.was being called on all these same infractions.Either call both teams fairly or don't call anything.NON-CALLS are ruining this game!

Well how about you show us some pics of all these calls that were "supposed" to happen. If not, stop whinning and get over it.

try watching any game!

The thing is Dan that as a Mtl fan I saw lots of non-calls against Wpg just as wpg fans saw lots of non-calls against Mtl. Why? Because as fans we are far more biased and picky!. We expect(and demand to a degree that)everything to be called in our favor

agreed!I see the missed calls on both teams.I'm not complaining about the outcome,but the game is ruined when 1 team gets called for things both sides are guilty of.This game was a perfect example to point out the problem.BTW I like the Als.

Football is not like hockey where a ref might even up the calls. The refs in the cFl or football for that matter call them as they see them. It seems many people on this forum thing that ref's are out to get their respective team. If that is the case then the Bombers will get much more in the next game because of their class less coach.
Again crying will not get your team a win!

The als are just as much a victim of this as the bombers. The als are the most penalized team in the league. There are lots of calls that get missed on both sides of the ball. If you want an example In the first bombers als game of the year I remember a Bomber DB holding Cahoon by his jersey as he was running his entire route and let go once the ball came and there was no call but when an Als db reach over a bomber receiver and knocked the ball down he got called for pass interference.

I agree with the Almighty Al's fans. They have been receiving more penalities then other teams yet! I have yet to see an Al's fan come on here post about the ref's and crying like babies.

Good calls, Bad Calls are part of the game of football. Get over it! Take your lumps and move on! To blame the ref's for teams loss is just plain stupid!

I don't mind the non-calls so much (unless they're evident) because at least, it leaves the players free to sort the game out.

Last time Hamilton was in Montreal, there was 35 penalties, so the game really became a boredom masterpiece.

this will kinda solve the problem with the refs

Murray clarke is a rookie ref that solves why he was horrible

He does not call all the penalties.
He only announces them

After having played the game, I agree how in football, when compared to all other sports, because of the physical and at times brutality nature, how conceivably there can be a penalty called on every play.
Holding in particular by the lineman, with one oncoming and the other defending.
The bottom line is how the extremes or out of the box stuff is basically what makes up your penalties.
By en large I am very satisified with football refs, that being the CFL and yes to include the Saturday night game.
The guys do an incredible job under very though circumstances. No one is perfect and we can't ask these guys to be. With video replays now and over the entire year, calls or no calls as the situation may be have a way of equaling themselves out.

I go back to my comment after week one when the whining about officiating got started.....

Who do we use instead? The 400lb Santa Claus clone that ref's my grandson's games with the mustard stain from his hotdogs down the front of his jersey?

Sorry, I'll keep the officials that we have now.

Look, the Als are the most penalized team in the league. Yet we Als fans aren't screaming blue murder about how the officials are out to get us. In fact, I'm angry with the team itself for not being disciplined enough to avoid dumb penalties like offside, procedure, late hits, etc. Look to your team, not the refs. They make mistakes and they're human, but they're not conspiring against Winnipeg.

Now it's Tuesday morning. There's a slew of CFL games ahead this week. Time for Bombers fans to quit whining about Saturday's game and move on.