In your infamous ability to provide video footage, please provide and EXAMPLE of contacting the kicker penalty courtesy of the TiCats/Eskimos game to the CFL.

This way Jake Ireland and CREW can see an ACTUAL penalty without a shadow of a doubt and maybe.. just MAYBE they will get the call right in what could be a CRUCIAL moment on ohhhh... say an effin playoff game!!


A CFL Fan!

Unless he was blocked into the punter, if you are referring to the play I think you are, then there should have been a rough play penalty.

Contacting the kicker only occurs if the punter's foot has not contacted the ground.

What quarter did it happen in. It makes my life a lot easier if you tell me the quarter. The time of the quarter would be nice but I know that is not always possible.

It was the fourth quarter, though I don't remember how much time was left. It was pretty late, though, like in the last 5 minutes or so.

It looked to me (and about 20,000 others) like he was hit as his foot was coming down. I don't think his foot hit the ground until the rest of him did. Mind you, I saw it live, and they did not show a replay (probably for fear of being fined for making the officials look bad. :lol:)

It was a solid hit to his midsection, and would have been a great tackle. But if I'm not mistaken there are rules against tackling the kicker (an onside player) after he has punted the ball. The only time this is waved off is if the punter comes out of his normal punting motion, like if he has to step to one side or the other to corral a wayward snap.

Why don’t you just ask your team to provide game film of the incident to the league instead . No doubt their game film would be much better quality then some tiny little 2" x 2" low resolution internet clip that Ro could provide.

When has a team ever been fined for showing a replay at a game?

If we are talking about the same play....I believe the ref ruled the player was blocked into the kicker.
I haven't seen the replay myself, but I think it should have been roughing the kicker.
I thought it was blatant.
Later in the game there was a contacting the kicker where the Ti-cat player caught a thread on Fleming's toenail and they called it, but in the first one, he launched himself directly at the kicker.
I'll wait and see if Ro finds the video before commenting further.
I had a large glass of ale in my hand when I saw the play, so my view of the play may not have been optimal....