Ro would like this...

I was listening to the CJAD post game show, while rolling home from the stadium today, and Rick Moffat and Ed Phillion were talking about Herb saying the Als being the favorite is wrong, and the Stamps will beat the Als today, and Phillion took a shot at him saying "He doesn't know enough about football to contradict the bookies"

Of course, he said "We Love Herb" and "He has a column for a reason" but it was just a cover up. I thought it was pretty funny.

I'm not sure who I love to hate more, Herb or Jack Todd... :roll:

Im sorry I missed it.

I was watching Herb on Pulse tonight with Randy Tieman.
Herb just has to be negative.
'Yes they produced in the redzone"
"Yes they scored 4 TDs"
"Yes they kept the stamps out of the endzone"
"But there was a time in the second quarter where they were not moving the ball!"

Then he went and flashed his Toronto Maple leaf mittens.

Exactly what big Ed said. He is always trying to be negative.

My 2 cents on Herb is this:

He’ll pull any trick in the book to get under people skin sometimes, but I think he does it for the “publicity”…
Love him, hate him…he’s the only beat journalist that currently gives us any kind of news on the Als…

For that, I’ll continue to read his article & blog…