RK2005 breakdown

Yup it happened thanks to Turkeynuts he has drove me to desperate measures. He is not talkig after the riders lost to the Lions so I had to seek help.

Dr Phil: What wrong with you?
Rk2005: I do not know but I have heard that a lot.
Dr Phil: Something to do with your team.
Rk2005: Yes you see my team are great dancers but when they go on the football field they do not play well. Should I panic turkeynuts says I should panic.
Dr.Phil: No RK2005 just take away the dancing so they can focus on their play.
Rk2005: Ned Flanders did that already and just made it worse.
DrPhil: the first problem is you should not watch the Simpsons it has messages hidden in the script that will should I say make you think like a prider fan.
Rk2005: What can I do listen to turkeynuts?
Dr Phil: laugh absolutely he is the smartest guy on the CFL forum listen to him he has good advise and he sings a dandy song.
Rk2005: I think I need an Asprin!
Dr Phil: I thought you were medicated many rider fans have said so.
Rk2005: I think I will go see Dr Burris after all he not only gives out advise he can give points to the opposition

Continued next week

LOL great transript, Ill be taping the show next week!

Yes Dr Burris will tell me not to worry about Jack! I just wish I knew who Jack was?