Rivers Is An Idiot.........

He jumps up in celebration and comes down with all his weight on his left leg and hurts him self, and has to go to the locker room. Also he's an ass. he is constantly yelling at his players, mean while he's made plenty of mistakes himself.

Doesn't matter they pulled it off. Just hope Rivers and LT get healthy enough to kick some Patriot A$$ next week. Go Chargers Go.

I've been saying it all season. Rivers is incredibly immature.

I'm not a fan of Eli or Rivers, but at least Eli doesn't come across as incredibly arrogant when you watch him play.

Hasselbeck from Seattle gives me that impression as well now that i think about it. "We'll take the ball and we're going to score".

Yep. And as he has no reason to be like he is.

I don't know what you are talking about. He jumped up as he was throwing, he wasn't jumping in celebration.

But ya he is a tad immature.

Then he got into a couple shouting matches with Colts fans... Like chill out.

yeah, I mean, no way could it be the fans who were the ignorant one. Nope. Never happens.

I didnt say that at all. But as a professional, you have to keep your composure.

Remember the Pacers-Pistons Brawl at the Palace of Auburn Hills?

Or how about Mike Vick giving the finger to some Atlanta Falcons fans?

You have to learn to ignore it.

Ya he got hurt throwing a jump pass. Prpblem is some guys don’t know the line between competitive and arrogent. As for Hassleback if you know him he’s not like that at all. That’s why what he said before that palyoff ot dodn’t upset to many Packer fans cause he’s a guy who tries to lighten things up

I hate him but he was just playing a lil schoolyard ball with his pals that he used to play with.

Yeah I always find Eli to be timid, almost as if he is forced to play being a Manning :lol: