River city sports

I just received my new Eskimo Jersey from River city Sports . The Jersey looks amazing even on my body :lol: excellent quality . I had to make some changes to it after I ordered it which was done with no problems. the delivery of it was super fast as well . If your going to get a Jersey this is the place you want to take a look at . The price was very reasonable as well .

oil, now imagine how much more amazing it would look if the jersey was a TiCat one. 8)

I'd love a green Eskies jersey, but every time I try and order one they are sold out.

I'm pretty sure my sister got my retro long-sleeve Eskimos shirt from there. Seems like a good place.

Next I'd like to get the Eskimos polo, but they charge so much for it. It's a polo shirt. :x

I bought my Retro Rider jersey from River City. It's a nice store, the main reason I bought there was the locale though.

If you're looking for dirt cheap, decent qaulity jersey's. I've used them a number of times. Pretty fast shipping (10-12 days). No bad considering they ship from Hong Kong.


No CFL unfortunately. I've requested it and they're "working on it".

I'd prefer not to have my Jersey made by a 6 year old. I'll pay the extra.

Just ordered an Eskies T-Shirt from RCS.

I thought Jersey City was the exclusive retailer for CFL merch, or has that deal expired?

I hope that it expired. they did such a lousey job in marketing the product. was in the Store at Richmond center just before the season opining, asked where the CFL jerseys were guy gave me a blank stare and pointed to the back of the store . 3 jerseys on the wall 2 were lions 1 was a 3rd Eskimo Jersey which is Ugly .

I agree with you there, Jersey City really sucks (in my experiences with them as well).
I hope the league makes a better deal for selling it's merch in the near future.

Got some off there too, they are knock-offs. High quality knock-offs (nobody I've asked can tell the diff) but they are not the real deal.

CFL is in a good position that it is not 'big enough' to have knockoffs made.

You guys know your stealing from the league we so desperately love and support? Just saying.

I should have gotten a jersey the last time I was in Edmonton. Next game I attend at Commonwealth; I'll get one there.