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Has their ever been a attempt to rival the CFL in Canadian history ? Here in the USA we have had 4 American Football Leagues, one All American Football Conference, a World Football League, a United States Football League, and a Extreme Football League. That is 8 attempts in all to take on the NFL in its history. Only the fourth AFL achieved a complete merger. The AAFC got three of its eight teams into the NFL. The other six went belly up. Did anything like those ever occur in Canada ? Other than hearing about John Basset's failed attempt to put a Toronto team in the above mentioned WFL i have never heard of any. Was their ever a rival ?

I don't think so, except for the CJFL (which was never became anything but a farm league, but it meant well) and the other teams that competed for the Cup before it became a CFL only trophy, no league has ever challenged the CFL, except for the WFL as mentioned and the WLAF when it put a team in Montreal during the 90's when they were really serious abou separating form Canada.

Aside from the WFL and the WLAF (which eventually morphed into NFL Europe), the only true rival is the NFL. But, one could argue that the Arena Football League was a rival as well. Toronto had a short-lived franchise (lasted 2 seasons), the Phantoms. They were owned by a relative of Paul Godfrey's, the same antichrist who's trying to bring an NFL franchise to Toronto.

Kanga the CJFL has never ever tried to replace the CFL. it is what the acronym says: Canadian Junior Football League. See the Junior in there. people can't play past i think its 21 or 22 not sure. Its not a farm league its a Junior football league.

don't forget the Montreal Machine of the WLAF...............don't think it last more a then a year of two

Before 1956, university and non-Canadian Football Union teams could compete for the Grey Cup. Recently, an arena football league tried to set itself up, but their site has been inactive for months, if not years. However, their not really competing if their seasons don't overlap, do they? I think they were trying to be the farm league for the CFL - at least that's the only thing that could have made sense. Which that league did not. It was a logistical nightmare.

1991 4-6
1992 2-8

Do not forget the CFL as well, we had a few teams in the US for a while.

In the 1960's there were the Toronto Rifles of the Continental Football League, coached by Leo Cahill, who later coached the Argonauts. The Continental League was a semi-professional league considered to be above the caliber of college football and below the caliber of the CFL, AFL or NFL. All the pro leagues scouted the Continental League however, so many players from that leagfue also played in the NFL and the CFL. I believe there was a team in Victoria for a season.

The Victoria Steelers were around for one season. There is a thread on page 2, I believe, which deals with the Continental Football League. There was also a team in Montreal, and at one point, the Toronto Rifles played as the Quebec Rifles (whether that is a provincial or municipal thing I don't know. It would be interesting if they were in Quebec City).

However, there were other minor leagues too. The Victoria Steelers played in a Pacific Football League, with a few other teams from BC.


1967-1967, Akron Vulcans; CFL
1968-1969, Alabama Hawks; CFL
1968-1969, Arkansas Diamonds; CFL
1966-1966, Brooklyn Dodgers; CFL
1965-1968, Charleston Rockets; CFL
1968-1969, Chicago Owls; CFL
1969-1969, Dallas Rockets; CFL
1967-1967, Eugene Bombers; CFL
1965-1965, Ft. Wayne Warriors; CFL
1969-1969, Ft. Worth Braves; CFL
1965-1967, Hartford Charter Oaks; CFL
1969-1969, Portland Loggers; CFL
1969-1969, Hawaii Warriors; CFL
1968-1969; Indianapolis Capitols; CFL
1969-1969, Jersey Jays; CFL
1969-1969, Las Vegas Cowboys; CFL
1967-1967, Long Beach Admirals; CFL
1969-1969, Mexico Golden (Monterrey) Aztecs; CFL
1968-1968, Michigan (Detroit) Arrows; CFL
1966-1967, Montreal Beavers; CFL
1965-1965, Newark Bears; CFL
1966-1969, Norfolk Neptunes; CFL
1968-1969, Ohio Valley (Wheeling) Ironmen; CFL
1968-1968, Oklahoma City Plainsmen; CFL
1969-1969, Oklahoma (Tulsa) Thunderbirds; CFL
1968-1969, Omaha Mustangs; CFL
1967-1968, Orange County Ramblers; CFL
1966-1969, Orlando Panthers; CFL
1965-1967, Philadelphia Bulldogs; CFL
1965-1965, Providence Indians; CFL
1968-1968, Quad Cities (Moline) Raiders; CFL
1968-1968, Las Vegas Cowboys; CFL
1965-1967, Richmond Rebels; CFL
1967-1969, Sacramento) Buccaneers; CFL
1969-1969, San Antonio Toros; CFL
1967-1967, San Jose Apaches; CFL
1967-1969, Seattle Rangers; CFL
1968-1969, Spokane Shockers; CFL
1965-1965, Springfield Acorns; CFL
1965-1965, Norfolk Neptunes; CFL
1969-1969, Texarkana Titans; CFL
1965-1967, Toronto Rifles; CFL
1969-1969, Tri-City (Midland) Apollos; CFL
1967-1967, Victoria Steelers; CFL
1969-1969, West Texas (Odessa-Midland) Rufneks; CFL
1965-1967, Wheeling Ironmen; CFL

[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continental_Football_League]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continenta ... all_League[/url]

In the link above there are the teams who played in the Continental Football League. Also there was a team in Montreal (the Beavers) in 1967.

just off kicks

1974-1974, Birmingham Americans; WFL
1975-1975, Birmingham Vulcans; WFL
1974-1974, Chicago Fire; WFL
1975-1975, Chicago Winds; WFL
1974-1974, Detroit Wheels; WFL
1974-1974, Florida Blazers; WFL
1975-1975, San Antonio Wings; WFL
1974-1975, The Hawaiians; WFL
1974-1974, Houston Texans; WFL
1974-1975, Shreveport Steamer; WFL
1974-1974, Jacksonville Sharks; WFL
1975-1975, Jacksonville Express; WFL
1974-1974, Memphis Southmen; WFL
1975-1975, Memphis Grizzlies; WFL
1974-1974, New York Stars; WFL
1974-1975, Charlotte Hornets; WFL
1974-1975, Philadelphia Bell; WFL
1974-1974, Portland Storm; WFL
1975-1975, Portland Thunder; WFL
1974-1975, Southern California Sun; WFL

"Continental Football League was also the name the Canadian Football League considered using in the mid-1990s in the middle of its US expansion, but the idea fizzled out with US expansion since proving a failure."

If that does scar you, nothing will!!! :shock:


Oh no you listed that crazy league that claimed 70,000 fans when 5,000 bought tickets. However, the fire burned briefly and the wheels fell off in Detroit

Like I said, "just for kicks", I love the WFL becase of the AP and the rule chages it made to both the NFL and CFL. if you look at the teams in the WFL and the US CFL teams, they almost mirror each other.

I loved it too. Fun league even givin it was not well organized. Below are some neat articles about it if you have not seen it before. From one WFL fan to another.

[url=http://www.footballresearch.com/frpage.cfm?topic=articles3&categoryID=15]http://www.footballresearch.com/frpage. ... egoryID=15[/url]

Thanks mate,

Do you like the Action Point? I think the CFL should try that out sometime, it's ALOT better than just a kick covert.

I really did like the action point. The extra is so automatic its somewhat pointless. In particular back in those days when the NFL did not have the 2 pt conversion option. Simply if that one in a million miss occurred you had no way to make it up. So i thought the action point was nice idea. I will tell you the Chicago Fire had alot of support here. Far more then the USFL or even AAFC Rockets ever did. Fire had great marketing but just like the rest of the league lacked money for startup costs. When their regulars got hurt they brought in semipros for $100 a game. That why late in the season they gave up record points. Plus all the other news around the league kind of turned it into a comedy.

Awesome!, check out my toipc on the AP in the CFL.

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At this are my Standings and I also add a thing where I convert the points into pionts I think game would look like with the AP.

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