Rivalry with Winnipeg

But I feel a huge rivalry building between us and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. I know a rivalry has always been there, but because we were so close to each other last year, and because at least they think they will be close to us this year in terms of the standings, the rivalry is intensified. The trash talking going on between the two teams fans(mainly their fans) is at a level I haven't seen us have with any team other than Toronto. I know right now I feel the rivalry is right on par with our Toronto counterparts, but I want to know what you guys think.

I hate winnipeg more than Toronto personally. It might not be as bad this year with Kelly gone, but they still have their fans.

If this coming season is anything like last season I can see something pretty heavy developing.

I still hate Toronto more, but at least their fans have accepted that their team won't be any good. They understand that the Argos are in a rebuilding mode, whereas Bomber fans seem to think that adding Buck Pierce will make them a better team even though they lost like 47 defensive starters. I won't say I hate the Bombers more, but their fans are pretty annoying.

specially when they chant BC SUCKS at all 9 home games, plus preseason, plus post season, plus at the grey cup when neither the bombers nor the lions are playing :roll:

At least we only chant "Argos Suck" when we're playing the Boatmen. Pardon my ignorance, but why do they chant "BC Sucks" out of all the things they could chant?

Oh, and ARGOS SUCK! :lol:

I beleive it comes from back in the days when the lions and the bombers were the two best teams in the west. I think it started in the 80's. Then of course, there is the infamous 88 grey cup, aaarrrrrgggggg

As if you needed anyone to confirm this, well lets let the Bummer fans do so......AND I QUOTE!!!

I think this clown has been hitting the gluebag a tad too much these days!!

The problem with the Toronto/Hamilton rivalry is that it has become "traditional" instead of "postional".Byt hat,I mean either the Argonauts or the Tiger-Cats are really bad or really good,but rarely are both teams good enough to be fighting for playoff positions on a regular basis wgere the games mean something.It's really a very longstanding rivalry because of tradition and proximity.I wish it was because both teams were playing well at the same time because it would instantly re-emerge and supplant he Winnipeg/Hamilton rivalry.

That Winnipeg/Hamilton rivalry is not historically as visceral because for the most part,Winnipeg was a Western team.I still consider them a Western team.However,over the last 15 to 20 years,they have become probably my 2nd most hated team.It started back in the Rod Hill/Tyrone Jones/'92 Eastern Final years.They had alot of players that were very easy to dislike.I think I dislike some of their fans even more.The "Iceball Incident in '92 showed just how classless they really are.And their whipering and whining over the "Boat Incident",after their stellar history as group,really was like the pot calling the kettle black!

I hope we demo the Argo's in evry game,but I really want to see those mosquito infested loser Bummer fans suffer this year!!!And the quote above shows just how completely deluded some of them are...They're kinda like Raiderfan in Oakland minus the actual violence and deviant behaviour...Bury the Bummers!!!!

Well this is one of the funniest things I've read. Great start to my day. This.... this.... I don't even know where to begin. Basically what this dude is saying is that if Calvillo so much as gets a hang nail, the Bombers will cruise into first place. I've seen fan delusion before, but this takes the cake. Wow, just wow.

And minus an actual tradition of winning. The Bombers, for the most part, have been bad since I began watching football. Up until recently the Raiders at least fielded competent teams who would compete for championships. Of course then Al Davis lost his mind, but that’s neither here nor there.

I don't know.....over at friendsoftheargonauts some are saying they can finish second in the east.

It's not just the fans chris.

Kharis dad posts regularly over at ourbombers.com, as you would expect, he talks to Khari on a regular basis. There was more than just the usual will to win by the ex-Bombers on the Cats last year, it was downright nasty.

But, that's what makes for a great rivalry, when the players want it as much or more than the fans.

I can only see it getting better as you guys continue to pick up our leftovers. :wink:

I'm dying to watch the Bomber/Cat game's just because they seem to think they're going to slap us silly with a rookie roster and a glass QB.They might,but at this point my bet lie's with Hamilton to take the series if not sweep it.Also excited to watch the new addition's mesh with the rest of the roster, Mann-Bruce, Shivers-Poole-Dennis-Bradley, DeAngelis-Our new punter, etc.

aha... hahahahaha.... hahahahahahhahaha....

it sounds like he's discribing hamilton as having the same season winipeg had in 2009! Starting qb gets benched, and misses the playoffs because of the cross over. brilliant!!!

As other poster have said, Toronto is the team i love to hate, beacuse i've always known them as out biggest rivals. I really hate them, and thier organization, and everything they stand for, thier roster moves (signing washed up nflers for media coverage, rather than finding players that can succed in the CFL) TO is all hype, flash, and media and i hate'm... but i kinda love hating them.

Winipeg... i just flat out hate this team. damnit, they shouldn't even be in our devision. not tomention the whole kelly/bishop thing last year... yeah, i just hate 'em... but then again in my mind Hamilton has 7 rivals and each one of them needs to be burried on our way to the Cup!

Now this is a thought that I can fully get behind. :thup:

I got nothing against Winnipeg, mainly because I don't mind having another pushover team in our conference. Makes for much more likely playoff scenarios. Even better, that by the time they get good again/finish rebuilding, Ottawa will be back in the league and Winnipeg will likely be back in the west. That means another couples advantage years for us, as that new franchise is going to have a lot of kinks to work out in it's starting years and the Argos will continue to follow the Toronto trend as I like to call it.

We just need to find a way to clip the Al's wings...

Ohh.. and to add to the wonderful prediction of gluebag Jimmy

Here's one of the funnier additions I have read

Gluebag Jimmy is going to eat A LOT of crow in about 7 months.

It's kinda funny, in the last few years I've felt that there's been a pretty good rivalry against all but the Alberta teams. From being at the stadium, I'd say, other than the Argos, the B.C and Winnipeg games were the liveliest. One of the rowdier crowds, I thought, of all last year was against the Lions. Wasn't the biggest crowd, maybe 21,000 or so, but the Endzone was packed that night. There was a pocket of Lions fans there donning their orange who were relentlessly jeered for the entire game. It was as close to a Labour Day atmosphere out there as I've seen. Then, that was solidifyed further with the playoff game and Printers suiting up for them.

The Bombers rivalry was pretty huge too -- but, I still think that was primiarily fuelled by that idiot Kelly.

Overall, I think we're all just finding actual meaning in all of the games, and, especially against our own division, want to make sure we get the wins. For the past 6-8 years prior, we were just hoping not to get blown out.