Rivalry, what rivalry?

From the Toronto Star today:

Coach Rich Stubler … downplays the significance of an Argo-Ticat rivalry.

"The only place there's a rivalry is in the media," he said. "There's no real rivalry for us now. Montreal maybe is as close as it gets because of us playing them in the finals a lot of years."

Belli and O'Shea also add a few choice comments.


Stubler can be a real idiot sometimes. Actually, more and more of the time.

An Argo-Cat fan

The rivalry has been diminished due to the fact that the Argos have owned us in this decade. It was a rivalry in the good old days when the Ti-cats could compete

I like Belli's comment:
"the Hamilton offensive linemen are among the best holding linemen in the league."

Hes just jealous that he got caught and ejected for punching Hage in the helmet.

As for Stubler, hes an idiot, and he proves it whenever he gets more media attention.

Really? Only in the media?

I'm pretty sure if you ask the die hard fans of each club, they'd disagree.

Sure, there is less of one right now because the Cats have been so bad for so long, but it won't take much to fire it back up. You can count on it.

Funny thing about this, we aren't the best holding linemen in the league because:

  1. We always get flagged for it.


  1. We have the worst pass protection in the league.

To me, the best would be the ones that get away with it and provied enough time for their QB's to have a coffee and a donut before finding an open receiver.

Could care less what any of the players or the coaches say from the PINK team. There will always be rivalry ...... because we don't like anyone from TO who think they are the centre of the universe. The A^%$ S%@# and always will.

Well, let's let him know about it tonight.

That's rich coming from him. One of the biggest meat heads in the CFL. Always able to take a killer penalty just when you don't need it. :roll:

Exactly...right on the money.

However, I wouldn't mind someone showing some emotion one of these games.

Both pant loads - one load for each leg!

If the Cats keep this up they may create a rivalry between the two teams that even Mr. Stubler will have to acknowledge.

Ummm Hmmm just as I thought..lol.

Thanks Adriano. :wink:

Funny Think is Belli and Marwan are Good Friends off the Field Atleast

A compliment from Belli, if you can quasi-hold where it's not an infraction, good on ya! Like Gordie Howe and the elbows, hey, whatever works if you don't get called.