Ritual sacrifice not part of Bauer's plan: Carlito's Way

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Sticking with staff and players who are proven winners is a smart move in the long run. But in the dog-eat-dog world of professional sports, people who carry dead weight end up being dropped into the volcano. Ask Dave Ritchie, who fought to keep veterans around that needed to be released for the good of the team.

For whatever reason, Lyle Bauer has taken Dave Berry under his protective wing. Our CEO has protected the coach despite the fact Berry lost the Grey Cup by not utilizing the running attack or developing Dinwiddie enough during the regular season to trust him to ad-lib and run in the big game.

Since that Grey Cup loss, Lyle Bauer has failed to see the error of Berry's ways and replace him with someone who exercises field generalship and makes adjustments to his roster when necessary. Our 1-5 season is clear evidence that Berry isn't head coach material.

Lyle Bauer is making a mistake by keeping Doug Berry. This will be Bauer's reward if he puts off the inevitable & refuses to terminate the head coach.


spidey the problem is with the OC, as the folks at Butler found out. Cartwright is a sham but also Berrys very good friend.


He needs to be replaced immediately because things are not going to get better with him at the controls of the offense.

The defense didnèt give up a single TD tonight and still lost.

I'd like to see someone make an online petition like that for Dave Berry that we could also present to the Free Press and/or the Sun.

I haven't built a webpage in 6 years. If someone wants to build one, I'd be willing to help with the phrasing if they need it.

People have no idea how good our defense is.

Your so right, both TO games and the game in BC, the defense gave us a chance to win. The only knock I have against them, is the secondary could be a little more physical.

Malbrough had an opportunity to light up Bruce on a catch over the middle and he just stuck an arm out.

But really, it’s 100% on the offense right now. First Glenn now Dinwiddie, the OC just doesn’t know how to call a game at the pro level.

At the college level, the guy was a failure, he has no pro level experience, and it has become glaringly obvious he is out of his league.

Oh, Hamilton fans would probably trade you Bellefeuille for him..............

I do, they stink. Steve Burrato is smart enough to know that they had the whole screen-pass game open to them at any point if they needed it. That by itself would have eventually shredded the defense.

^Yeah, screen passes are an effective weapon against the Bomber defense. I'd better hold the phone on that one, we'll dial it in for the rest of the season.

Your comment about Cartwright gave me a flashback of the Reinbold years, when Joe PaoPao fell on the grenade for his head coach. Poor Joe was so choked up with tears that he couldn't even speak during the announcement of his resignation. I hope history doesn't repeat itself as we are subjected to suffer another torturous year at the hands of incompetent coaching staff.

Yeah kinda looked that way, until they tried one and Cam Hall blew it up for a two yard loss. Keep dreamin troll.

Troll? You have got to be kidding me!!