Ritchie Williams

.....Williams released by Cats......Of all the qbs. on their roster, I would have thought he would've been the last to go....He has a strange side-arm delivery, but was more experienced than a few others in the hammer....At least he would've been a good back-up to lame-duck Glenn when he goes down...Now that will fall to a very in-experienced Porter ....I think they just negated the little bit of improvement that they made for 09.... :roll: ??????Oh well ....better for the Bombers..... :lol:

Who would have guessed it,

Porter + Glenn > Printers + Williams

Welcome to the Twilight Zone....

Well papa, seems to me your understanding of what the Cats plan is backwards; Porter is pencilled in as the starter, with Glenn as the backup, not the other way around.

Porter is inexperienced, yes, but remember he has something to his credit that your presumed starter does not have....he actually has a win in his CFL career as a starting QB.

....You're right MadJack....However i wouldn't pencil in a difference maker yet...as far as Porter goes....I don't why????the Cats would consider Porter as the go to guy over Glenn....Kevin has by far the most experience....Guess they really haven't had Glenn around long enough...maybe their system.....I know they're probably a little tentative at starting Glenn ...He could go down early ...leaving Porter to carry the can.. :roll:

Well I think that unless he craps the bed in TC and exhibition games, or Glenn blows Bellefeuille's socks off, Porter will start the season as the #1 QB in Hamilton.

Just as in Winnipeg, I think Lefors starts the season as the #1 guy in Winnipeg unless he craps the bed or one of the QBs knocks Kelly's socks off.