Ritchie Williams

With his performance today, Richie Williams has earned the position as the Ticats' number two quarterback for the rest of the season. Timmy Chang has demonstrated that he is not yet ready to quarterback in the CFL and would benefit from observing the game as the number three quarterback for the remainder of the season.

If Chang is relegated to the number three quarterbacking spot, he should not be disheartened about this: Michael Bishop has been in the CFL for six years but he did not begin to understand the nuances of the CFL game until the end of his fifth season.

I think that he's earned a start for one game before Printers takes over. Of course that could mean that the Cats would win and then the crud would really hit the fan about why Williams wasn't at least #2.

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Hat off for Nate Curry, a nice bow to Jason French,
get yer ya ya's out for a great QB, nice, composed,
yet elusive...and so sadly silent all year. The future may just correct itself perfectly.

I think that Williams has a lot of potential, I hope the Cats keep him around.

Good post. I totally agree.

I would agree Richie should start next game and then bring in Casey if he is ready

Here's another reason that Williams should be number 2. His style is comparable to Printers' style: a strong arm and willingness to improvise and run upfield. So if you designed an offense for one, the other could easily step in. Chang, on the other hand, doesn't create with his feet as much as he rolls out on occasion. Williams also seems to have the perfect disposition for a back up: patient and upbeat.


This is THE FUNNIEST thread I have read in a long time. You ARE JOKING, right ?

GIMME a GREAT BIG FR-EAKIN EAKIN doo diggity doogily BREAK !!!

Let me RE-ITERATE for ALL those who REFUSE to LISTEN to the true “voice of reason”.

First, this from Sept.5th …

Just as I was ABLE to look past Kevin Eakin's dreadful RESULTS in his LIMITED action last season - and IDENTIFY those SKILLS which I am LOOKING for in a QB - it is the SAME way I can IGNORE Timmy's SUPERB College Resume - and LOOK for those qualties I want in a QB.

I DON’T SEE them in Timmy Chang. Plain and simple.

As a fan who PAYS good $$$ to watch this Club … I DON’T want to WASTE any more time on a PROJECT I don’t deem VIABLE.

From Sept.4th …
The FIRST thing a QB NEEDS is an ARM with which to throw the damn ball - Chang DOES NOT have it.

It is almost as if I was the ONLY one watching his balls FLOAT out of his hands. Not to mention his POOR Accuracy.

I don’t NEED a season of watching this kid … I just KNOW he DOES NOT have that “IT” required to play the QB position at a PRO Level.

You can MAIL this prediction to the Smithsonian, because like everything else there … Chang is HISTORY

Again from Sept.4th …
I have been to PRACTICES ... and Chang has NEVER showed ANYTHING Special to me ... certainly NOT anything that would lead me to believe that he SHOULD have started this past week-end OVER Ritchie.

Furthermore, there is NOTHING I have seen from Chang to make me think he SHOULD stay here over Kevin Eakin. But, alas, Kevin too, comes from a less than FORMIDABLE College - so I guess there are no dice there, either.

Patience, and TIME will be the ONLY thing REQUIRED to get Ritchie his chance … IT WILL COME

Another jewel …
But, the POINT is - the team should be DEVELOPING a guy with the NECESSARY TOOLS, and Talent ... something Ritchie has.
How about this one ...
MY contention is that VALUABLE time is being WASTED on Chang, at the EXPENSE of Ritchie Willliams.
Then there was this little NUGGET from Sept.7th ...
If ANYTHING positive can come from this it will be that the COACHING staff get their WAKE UP call regarding this IMPOSTER they call Chang.

I just hope, after Chang throws a couple INT’s, takes a few sacks and generally proves his INABILITY to play at this level … they do not HESITATE to place Ritchie Williams in the game for the 2nd half.

Before Casey takes over the reigns, Williams DESERVES a chance to PROVE his worth as this team’s TRUE BACKUP QB.

Are you seeing a PATTERN developing here ??

And this JUST IN ,

Timmy Chang STILL SUCKS !!!

Long Live Richie !!


P.S I don’t make up the TRUTH - I just tell it.

Football-wise, that could be a consideration. Politically, not a chance. If Printers has 15 plays in the bag (plus some option plays), it's a go. That's how the 1-9 world works, I think.

If this is how they go about it, I would expect a no-huddle approach or a quick-huddle approach as fallback. You simply do not want the D to be tipped off when the starter is using a short playbook.

If Mark Lee correctly expressed Casey's observation that the playbooks of KC and Hamitlon are similar (read terminologically speaking), then he may be able to decode things even more.

Oski Wee Wee,

lucky guess

Hey I just thought I would ask... Does anyone remember what the commentators said???? If you were really paying attention you would have heard this. Richie has not even practiced with the starting line up since training camp. He was thrown in just at the end of the third. he made plays with an offense he is not completely use to. He moved out of the pocket very well, ran when he needed to and didnt force any plays when he was feeling the heat. He may have been comming off the bench in relief which is much easier than starting. But he played very well.

All this talk about ..yada yada yada.. Williams came in to clean up the mess not even warm, and did a heck of a good job. My problem was the constant running when he was 6-6 passing.. they kepted running the ball, killing time off the clock.

He had a whole quarter and two posessions took off over 10 minutes.

All this he said she said about chang coughing up the ball for TDs.. Richie has an arm.. and should have kepted pushing the ball in the air and cause more damage. Would have even had more time after that last interception. And they should have attempted that on-side kick after their first TD.

Play calling.. and lack of putting in Williams much earlier cost them this game... and yes I'm a ti-cat fan.. but horrible play calling on O and D cost this game

thats my rant :smiley:

Some of you are missing the point of this thread.

I'm not saying Chang is better than Williams. I'm not saying I think Chang should be Printers back-up over Williams. I'm not saying Williams didn't look unreal today when he came into the game.....because he was awesome.

Get real here....Williams has yet to take a meaningful snap in any game. That doesn't mean he won't light it up when he does, but he hasn't yet.

So all I'm saying is, why cut Chang already and why rip on him now just because someone came off the bench and had some success while he struggled as the starter?

Can you not see that this is the same old story??

  1. Starter: McManus - Back-up: Brady
  2. Starter: Maas - Back-up: Eakin
  3. Starter: Maas - Back-up: Chang
  4. Starter: Chang - Back-up: Williams

Why is it that every time one of these back-ups came in, they did fairly well....but as soon as they started, it was a complete nightmare?? (Aside from Williams who has yet to start)

This is just another step in that same direction of us the fans thinking the grass is greener.

Joking about what? The fact that Williams hasn't started a game this season and we shouldn't base our opinion of him on his performance in a game that was over when he came in?

Because no, I'm not.

I'm not saying Chang is better than Williams or that I personally prefer one over the other. Read my post again if you think I'm trying to prove a point that I'm all about Chang.

There were those of you (obviously not you Meanstreak, because clearly you didn't think highly of Chang before his two starts) that saw Chang come in in relief of Maas earlier in the year and thought it would just be the same when he got the start and that he should be starting over Maas. Well it wasn't the same as his relief duty, was it?

Although I think Williams has some pretty good tools and could be a player, I don't see any reason to believe that he would come in and light it up as a starter the same way he did today. Why? Because of his supporting cast and because the opposing team would be playing a little different giving the fact that they wouldn't start the game with a 30 point lead.

I have no opinion of whether or not he would be more successful than Chang, because I have no idea.

I see no reason why we shouldn't give Williams a shot, but if he fails like Chang did, then what? Do we cut him too? Do we have these knowitalls come on here and say "I told you Williams was garbage....cut him now!".

When will this madness end?

I hope Casey will make it stop!

Just like maas looked good in relif of ricky ray when he was in edmonton. It a much easier to come off the bench. (as i'm sure you all hasve figured out)

I saw the game at the Rogers Centre yesterday...it was nice to see lots of Ticat fans there too.

Anyways here's my two cents.

First I agree with everyone who says the Defence Timmy saw was not the same Defence that Ritchie saw.

That being said by Ritchie coming in and throwing bullets to recievers showed me that he has learned our game and how to play it.

Ritchie nailed passes, threw the ball away when he needed to and lead the team down the field. He played the game as a student who has worked very hard to learn it and took advantage of his chance to show the coach what he can do.

Timmy has the tools, he just needs to learn our game. Once he learns our game, we will have 3 great QB's in our fold.

I just hope Ritchie gets a legitimate shot to start a few games.


Chang will be alright. Someone mentioned that he has to learn to read the defence and that comes with time. He has to learn to look downfield and not at the rush.

I was there too Behind Ticat Bench Way way up in the 500 Level

I was just glad we got end zone Twice and made it respectable

Richard ? - proved Himself against a formidable D --- Timmy Chang showed the Confidence of a General -Albeit a French general circa 1914, And the result was similar, a slaughter ----- If Cfl teams are going to invest years in developing # 3 qb,s why do they have to be imports with bloated ncaa stats? seems to me a top CIS qb already knows the nuances of the Canadian game :cowboy:


Casey Printers is obviously the number one Ticat quarterback for the foreseeable future but, if it was up to you to decide, who do you think should be the number two Ticat quarterback at this time?