Ritchie Williams

He looked very good today in relief of Chang. Just like Chang looked very good (most of the time) in his relief of Maas.

Can anyone not see that it’s a totally different game when you start as opposed to coming in off the bench in mop-up duty???

We can not make any assumptions whatsoever about Williams until he STARTS a game!

We are already throwing Chang to the wolves and there are already threads from “TiCat Fans” asking for Chang to be cut and saying that Williams is the next best thing.


I’ve defended Danny McManus in the past, I’ve most recently defended Jason Maas, and now I’ll defend Timmy Chang.

For those of you calling for his head, you don’t understand the game of football, and more specifically, you don’t understand the transition to the CFL from another league or from the college/university ranks.

Williams might get the back-up role to Printers now because of today’s game, but that doesn’t mean Chang should be cut, or that he won’t be a good QB in the future.

Maybe now some of you will understand (and by some of you, I mean Steve Milton and Scott Radley from the Spec as well) why the coaching staff didn’t want to rush Chang, and why Maas was starting for as long as he did.

I like Willaims…he has done nothing but impress this year when given the chance…but until he starts a game, I, nor anyone else, should assume he’s going to be able to put up numbers like he did today in garbage time.

Well I think you are partially right. People realize that it's different coming in off the bench. I agree that no one should give up on Chang, but you have to admit that Williams looked good coming off the bench. To me he proved that with the right QB, this team has a hope. Of course, that right QB is Printers with Williams backing him and Chang No. 3 for now.

Chang has a lot of talent but I believe the best way to develop him now is to hand him the clipboard as a number 3 QB so he can learn the game. He needs to learn to read defenses.

I have no problem with Williams backing up Printers. And I will admit he looked very good coming in off the bench.

But I'll ask you this:

What if Williams came into the game and the score was tied instead of us being down by 30 points?

Would he have had the same success?

Who knows, because the game was already over when he came in. Just like it was always already over when Chang came in earlier in the season.

Then Chang gets to play some actual meaningful minutes, and we see what happens.

I'm not trying to downplay Williams' success today, or even trying to say that Chang is better, because I have no idea who is.

I'm just saying people are jumping the gun way too quickly about Williams. I want to see him start.

That's fine....I don't disagree.

That's not what I'm talking about.

I agree with AMG. Willaims faced a totally different defence than did Chang.

They stopped blitzing in the fourth. The game was basically over, and the Argo defence was subbing in bench players and playing a very relaxed type of defence. The big pressure that rattled Chang was gone.

Still, all things being equal, I think Chang is better than he showed and Williams still did a very admirable job.

This guy has played behind everybody this team has brought in(Buetjure of the Future ect) and never said a word. today Ricky has gone way up on my depth chart.

The voice of reason, yet again. It's clear that the blue team was not bringing their A defence when Williams was in the game. It IS a completely different type of D when you're up by 20 points with 3 mins in the game. That's not to say that I'm unimpressed by Williams. I've always been a fan of both his work on the field and his attitude. I think he has huge upside.

I just hate to see people hanging Chang when he's a rookie who still has a lot to learn.

Rookie, Ricky is three years younger than Timmy and still should be number two QB. :wink: :thup:

B.G. I disagree .
Williams entered the game with one & a half minutes to go in the third quarter.

A different defence because he rolled out and the running game was moving the ball.

Great kick returns today or what?

Some postives between the kick return game ;the running game and Richie Williams showing alot!

Age has nothing to do with it. Richie had all of last year and this year to learn the game and get a better feel for it, Ritchie definately wanted to learn and soaked up all Ritchie could from the QB's in front of him. Ritchie, that is. :wink:

I like Williams. I always have. I think Chang needs more time to observe as Ritchie did. The QB role in Hamilton is one of the top 3 worst jobs in the world. Too much pressure for the kid to come in and save the whole season. Patience is the key here.

Nah, I disagree.

I think it's a different defence because of the circumstances. When you have a big lead you're willing to give up the run in order to prevent the long ball.

Time was on the Argos' side and the run game killed the clock.

Also, TO was subbing in many bench players into their D. The games was totally in their control at that point.

Despite all that, I was happy with Williams' performance.

Bit of a hyperbole on my part. :wink:

Makes me wonder why Nate hasn't been returning kicks all year. I was really impressed by the returns today. Jojo looked great out there.

Caulley looked great and Davis looked good too.

Something to build on at least.

first of all its Richie not "Ritchie" as in Dave Ritchie, this kid has upside, and plays with a desire that I haven't seen in a long time, you can tell he doesn't give a damn on the field and plays like the whole world is against him, I love that style.

My bad for the spelling....I apologize if I insulted you or the Williams family because of it.

Also, I like his style too. I like him as a QB. I just don't agree with throwing out Chang like a piece of garbage because Williams played 15 good minutes of football with a game out of reach.

Not putting Timmy down, but Rickie looked like the 800lb gorilla in the room today.

I agree with what you're saying about the differences in the defences the 2 QB's faced AMG, but you've gotta admit that Chang helped the Argo D look pretty good.

I hadn't seen much of Williams before this but I liked the way he threw the ball and ran with it. He made the recievers look good. As for Chang, he's an ideal 3rd string QB right now, a lot to learn with a lot of potential. (Of course I'm basing his potential on his college record).

TiCat fans should be happy, the QB positions could be set for a number of years now. Printers we know about, if Williams isn't just an abberation and Chang starts to play the way he's supposed to, Hamilton could be very strong at that position.

Richie* My bad. He's earned the right to have the sincerest possible apology for misspelling his name. All I saw was a Ticat QB have the most success against the Blue Team in a good couple of years. I was disoriented.

:D :D :D

Sure the Argos subbed in some players, but I'm sure some Cats don't go quite as hard when your 3rd stringer comes in. I saw the Argos rush 8 in the 4th quarter. I'm not suggesting we run Chang out of town but Richie looked damn good. When it the last time a TiCat QB completed 7 in row

At 1 - 9 ... I'll take any little positive I can find.