Ritchie Williams is a Blue Bomber

Its true..

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/dinwiddie-didnt-win-any-points-with-blue-coaches-47140972.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 40972.html[/url]

I'm glad to see him get signed somewhere. Good luck Ritchie!

Nice to read that Richie Williams is still in the CFL. Good luck to him this season.

I guess Coach Kelly finally came to the realization he could use a solid qb with CFL experience on his squad.

It mentions in the article that the Bombers think Williams fits their offense well. They need someone who rolls out well. We all know how mobile he is.

I hope he makes the active roster. With the group they have I would say he has a good chance to be in the top 2.

It's starting to make some sense over there.

Obviously Kelly is installing an offence in which QB mobility will be important............and he's jettisoned two QBS (Glenn, Dinwiddie) who aren't exactly noted as being particularly mobile. So bringing in another QB who is mobile makes sense. At least he's not trying to squeeze square pegs into round holes.

Even if Kelly has had some great secret plan up his sleeve all along his timing couldn't be worse with a lot of his moves.

If he already knew Dinwiddie didn't fit his offense why wasn't he released long ago and Williams signed. Williams was released weeks ago. The guy will be a little behind everyone in camp there already as they have all had a couple days to study the playbook.

I predict Saskatchewan will go after Dinwiddie.

Valid points.

Valid points except for that last one; I missed it........and I don't believe that Saskatchewan (or anyone else come to think of it) will pick up Dinwiddie.

The guy has only won one game in his CFL career, against Calgary last sesason. Otherwise he's been pretty mediocre. Saskatchewan intercepted him three times in the Grey Cup (and should have had a fourth but Johnson dropped it), so I can't see them being particularly interested in the guy. I think the Riders will go with the stable of QBs they have in camp, and if none of them step up to be a quality starter and they have go looking for someone else, my guess is that they'd call Printers before they'd call Dinwiddie.

WOW, A Blue Bomber. :?

While I'm not surprised that somebody picked him up...I guess I shouldn't be surprised it would be Winnipeg.

Our July home game should be a sellout with those "retro price tickets" AND. I'm sure there will be lots of people looking to see Ritchie play. He was exciting to watch and popular! I wish him well!

He’ll be their starter by week 3 once Kelley’s man crush on team Lefors wears off.

Great guy for the locker room but Kelly will learn sooner or later with Wms. that his mobility doesn't compensate for his inability to deliver the football.

I was suprised by this signing. Teams with QB's that look to run before passing don't usually fair too well. Nonetheless, Williams is a good player. But regardless, it looks like Lefors is still their #1. Williams will have to compete with Hackney and the other guy (forget his name, sorry) for 2nd 3rd or 4th. It'll probably work out the same as Timmy Chang in the Peg. A great QB that never really got a chance and wasn't wanted by anyone in the league after Hamilton signed and later released him and Winnepeg signed and later released him.

....definitely Williams is more mobile than Dinwiddie....his awkward delivery could be a problem however....We should have the defences guessing with a lefty (lefors) and then throw in Williams...could be quite interesting :lol: ..One advantage that Ricky will have in the Peg is that he will definitely have a solid crew of receivers to throw to...I've also heard he's a great locker-room presence....nice to have... :thup: :wink:

good move for the bomber i really like richie williams and i wish hime good luck just not agianst the cats

It will be interesting to see Ritchie play against the TCs June 17 Xgame in Peg, I hope not painful. :oops: Peg could be a good fit for Ritchie.

Right now, Williams would be #5 (replacing Dinwiddie) maybe #4 on the depth chart. He will really have to stand out to even make the squad.

Pigseye!You make it sound like all the Bomber QB's are future Hall of Famers and we all know sight unseen that they are not.

No I’m not saying that, only that he is about a week behind the rest on learning the new offense. He will have a lot of ground to make up as the current four are all starting to look comfortable in it now.

i always liked ritchie, he's a very positive guy good luck.

Its not Williams fault that he is behind so they can't ever use that against him. Its the fault of the "I don't know what the hell i'm doing" coach kelly. Williams could have been signed long ago.

What else you got? Any other empty comments?