Ritchie Hall

I would be all for Ritchie Hall as head coach. I think he has learned a lot about the position in his couple years in Edmonton, Ran the Esks to a few points in the final game of making the playoffs, after their brutal start, with an amazingly underachieving receiver group. Would be a familiar, loved guy taking over the position as far as players are concerned, and his whole family life is in Regina. My vote goes for Ritchie, hands down. I think he is what this team needs. I can't think of anyone right now that would be better. Bring him home........ He can pick his own staff, thus removing the awkwardness that Miller would have had faced fireing coaches and replacing them with others. I see Ritchie as head man and a brand new offensive co-ordinator that we would never have considered. ie a Marcus Crandell type. Yeh he wasn't the best at executing things as a player, but he has been with Durant through his whole time here, and I would like to see what he has to offer in the game planning department. I think Durant and Crandell would be a success devising game plans together.

Not sure about this one. Loved him as a player and DC. I'd take him as DC for sure. Good pt on him being able to bring in his own staff though. He was ham stringed in Edmonton.

My first choice is Austin. Just throw a ton of money at him and hope he comes. Dave Dickenson my next Choice followed by Calgarys DC, forget his name (Jones?).

for the record, it's spelled Richie.

not Ritchie

As much as Richie Hall is loved by the community in Regina, having him coach would be a terrible pick for us. If Richie really did learn a lot (which is hard to prove with at best 1/2 a season of evidence), he must have learned the hard way, because their team finished in last place in the west. Yes, I know it's hard to believe, but even teams in last place do win some games... ...except not as many as EVERY other team. Tillman got rid of Hall for a very simple reason - Tillman wants to win - not just win enough to be a "respectable" last place, but actually be in contention for something meaningful.

I'd love it if Richie Hall was a great head coach today (2010) and led us to Grey Cup victory next year, but I think there is much more evidence that he would NOT be THAT guy for us. Maybe some day he will be a great coach - who knows...

I wonder who the coach will be. I dont think Hall would be a bad pick. I remember wanting him to be our coach after Austin, though I am now most definitely very happy with the choice that was made hahaha.

In my eyes, the best option is Dave Dickenson. Sadly, the Riders will likely not even interview him. It will be Berry or Hall.

Why Dickenson? I don't understand why people want him to be our coach.

As I stated in another post:

Dave Dickson is a proven athlete in this league. Wally speaks mountains of him. He worked very closely with Wally while playing for him (winningest coach of all time), helping develop the offense, and play, as well as calling plays. He is also on the sidelines with Huff, another great coach. He has a winning attitude and brings young blood to a team. Not only is he in touch with the game, but has played with or against a lot of these guys, which will help him as he is young and still growing as a coach.

When Kerry J played for the Riders he had his best season ever, and I attribute a lot of that as to having no choice but to listen to and respect Austin because of his legacy. I see Dave and Austin as very similar minds. I pray to god that they look at him. maybe they can bring him in as OC if they promote Berry. If we or the Esks do not snatch him up, he will be HC in BC when wally retires at the end of next year. Personally, I think the Esks will go after him...and in a few years, we will be left with regret.

Defensive minds do not generally have a pile of success as HC, especially in the CFL. I do believe that Marshall may be able to buck that trend, I don't think Hall will. Doug Berry is a capable HC, but has too big of a temper. i think this team would shut down on him. If that happens, this team would be ripped apart and traded away. Chris Jones I just don't know enough about. Many say that if he can be pried away from the Stamps he would make a good HC. Again, a DC, but I don't know too much about him.
In my eyes, if it were me, the 3 men that get a call are Berry, Hall, and Dave. Barring something horrific in the chat, Dave gets the job. Berry stays where he is (if Dave will allow that). Hall is offered a position as assistant DC and special teams coach...he might not take it, but hey, that is all we have room for right now, and it keeps him in the club for future opportunities.

I would add that I would interview Marshall as well. I think he would make a good coach.

Being a proven athlete to me does not mean anything as a head coach. I agree playing under Buono is an asset as a quarterback and helped develop whatever skills he has. Does bringing youth help the Riders? I really dont see how that helps right now with our team. And I bet most of the players he played with are gone, surely the lesser players and older ones are.

I dont think Kerry Joseph's 07 season had anything to do with Austin being a good quarterback. KJ is a very coachable player regardless of who he plays for. In Toronto despite the fact that anybody could see that Joseph is no pocket passer, he listened to his coaches who wanted him to be one. He tried to adapt his game but it didnt work because that is not how he plays.

He needs more experience before he has any chance of being a head coach.

I agree, but the fact is he was a mobile QB and for the most part Austin recognized that and worked around it. Too often this season Berry tried to make DD a pocket passer, and I say Berry, not Miller, because Berry was vocal that it was HIS wish within the media. Say what you want, KJ only achieved pro success under Austin. he has played for a lot of teams, and only in that year did he live up to potential. KJ has a pile of talent, Austin tapped it.

the fact the Dave is a proven athlete means a lot. He is a winner, and that creates instant respect from the players. he knows this league, he knows how to run an offense, he is open to trying different strategy (he was the won who fought to have Cornish more involved), he designed a lot of plays for Wally's offense (which is Wally has said on a couple of occasions he would love Dave to be in BC). If Dave is not a head coach next year, Wally WILL scoop him up as his successor, and if there is one thing Wally has proven over and over, his judgment of talent is spot generally spot on.

Personally I think Dickenson needs a little more time, he is not very many years removed from being a player. And unlike someone like Lancaster who did the quick transaction and turned out (eventually), Dickenson does not have as many years of experience to rely on, as his career was cut short due to injury.

He may very well be a great head coach, but I think he needs some more tutelage. Really I think he will go to BC and be their next guy. It's just a right fit.

I agree! He was only a QB coach in Calgary. He at least has to be an OC or DC before you can earn that right of HC!

He was Calgary's OC last season.

I dont think so Billy... Im pretty sure he was QB coach.

jman is correct, DD was QB coach:


However, no one is listed as offensive coordinator. . .

he was / is referred to as an Offensive Assistant coach.
He was RB and line coach in year 1.
In year 2 (2010) he was QB coach and was responsible for play calling for the offense and offensive game plan structuring.
^ that is another way of saying he was the offensive coordinator. On paper, their OC is actually Huff, but Huff is not going to be HC, GM and OC all on his own, he would just be having oversight of the OC area, which he would have anyways as HC.

hmmm. my bad.

Calgary's DD is out of the running as he signed with Calgary today. Kavis Reed is out of the running as he's going to Edmonton. I sure hope management is looking beyond Richie and Doug Berry. My top choices are Matt Dunigan and Greg Marshall.

I can pretty much guarentee that Matt Dunnigan will not be our next HC, I would be very suprised if he was even considered, let alone interviewed.

But stranger things have happened so...

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