Ritchie Hall or Ken Miller

So we've all heard Ritchie may be leaving for a coaching job somewhere.
I personally think this would be a big loss to the team.
So i ask, should Ritchie Hall be offered the coaching job here or should we stay with a older ken Miller?

i think we should do a switch up, keep Ken as our OC, and Promote Ritchie to HC/ Defensive assistant, but also hire someone else to assume the responsibilities. Ken has truely failed this year and he's lucky that by God's grace we've had so many 4th quarter comeback to hide it. I'm not hating on the man i respect him as a person and a coach just not a headcoach.

Ken Miller should and will get another chance next year with a healthy football team. Of course injuries happen but what are the chances of a repeat of 08? Miller made some mistakes like every coach does but he guided his team to 12-6 and a home playoff game. It would have been tough for any coach when none of the QBs stepped up to take the top job. I am not a Bishop fan but I don't know if the other guys would have won any more games than we did. Miller won't be going anywhere.

I think Hall is best left as a Co-ordinator. I don't think he has the personality to be the HC. But he does warrant a shot that much is for sure.

Ken Miller. Why are people wanting to get rid of him all of a sudden? They must be ignorant.

Where is Hall going?

Im officially starting the Ken Miller Fan club this is for fans who believe Ken Miller did a hellufa fine job and deserves to be head coach for the 2009 season.

I would have to disagree. His carousel at QB in the last month of the season and inexplicable backing of Bishop at several points in the season cost us our playoffs. You can put up what ever record that you want during the regular season if you can't put it together at all in the playoffs than it means nothing.

Miller had really good 1st half of the season coaching wise, after labour day there were plenty of times where he left me scratching my head wondering what it is that he was doing / seeing. I lost allot of confidence in him over that period of time, and even more in this past playoff game.

I am not saying we should run him out of town I am just voicing my opinion.

I don't know if I would join a fan club, but I do know that I leave room for rookies to make "mistakes". Putting it in perspective, all coaches take risks and exercise judgment based on imperfect information (what are often called "mistakes" after the fact when they don't work out). So no matter who coaches, there has to be some leeway. Then a rookie HC ought to be allowed to make a few more - otherwise there is no value to having experience and everyone knows that is not true. So right there, the "fans" that are looking for vengeance driven by emotion, rather than looking for improvement driven by ration, don't get any support from me.

Then you add in that for each juggling of lines and breaking an another backup after each injury, it takes time, energy, resources away by essentially creating competing priorities ... and lots of them this year. There is absolutely no question that Miller does not go this year. Come back next year when a higher standard due to added experience (and hopefully fewer injuries) is justified.

Calling for Miller's head is almost certainly hypocritical in that anyone who is doing so is almost certainly saying "do as I say, not as I do". Even compared to the WSF game itself, the real embarrassment is this post-game lynch mob.

Everyone makes "mistakes" in their jobs. One difference, amongst many, is that most of us don't have a whole province looking at our work through a microscope and thinking they know better.

I would like to see either of them at head coach. But i definately don't want to see richie hall leave, he's what makes our defence so good.

I hope Richie stays and coaches our defense, you can't just promote him to head coach and assume he's going to do a good job. Look at how awful Stubler was as a head coach and he was also a very good DC. Now he's gone all together.

Let see, Hall could go to Toronto who is definitely looking for a HC, Edmonton with their win likely not, Hamilton has stated they are going with Marcel, Winnipeg maybe looking time will tell.

In terms of rookie type of mistakes, yes I agree we need to give Miller some room. But rookie type mistakes are usually limited to one to three games max. Not the last half of the season. I think some of Miller's problems were created by Tillman when he brought in Bishop. With the 6-0 start it created higher and certianly unrealistic expectations given our quarterback situation. Crandell who nobody predicted would last the season, Durant and Jyles who most thought were to inexperienced to lead the team to the grey cup. So they pulled the trigger and got Bishop and then the mistakes started.

If it came down to losing Hall or keeping Miller it would be a tough decision. Hall has youth and knowledge of the team and community on his side. Miller is the current incumbent, but he aged over the last half of the season. Watch his facial expressions during the first half of the season to those of second half. Even the game against Edmonton he seemed tired and worn down. Yes, I fully understand it is a long season. But next season will be even longer because the riders need a starter from the beginning of the season.

I am not saying get rid of him, I think he did a good job this year with the exception of the quarterback situation. But unfortunately the quarterback is the most important position on the team. If he retired I would not disappointed, in terms of Hall I hope he stays but would be happy to seem him get HC position.

Crazy talk by all who think Mr. Ritchie Hall will move on or up to a Head Coaching job.
Mr. Ritchie Hall is the Grand Master of defenses, everyone knows this, especially ET. Basically RH makes ET look good, and we all know ET likes to look reeeeal good.

RH has put up with many a crappola team in Riderville over the years both talent wise and management wise, now RH finally has the respect he deserves, and has key input on who comes and goes on defense....(yes, that's right, anyone else notice how medaling ET is with the offense and not the defense....hmmmmm)

Sometimes passion outweighs the paycheck, and this small part of RH's humble philosophy is reflected on the field

Ken Miller!

Richie is doing great where he is. If there is a reason not to promote Richie, it is because he is too good at what he does.

I would be disgusted if the Rich Stubler incident happened to Richie Hall.

Not only that, Ken Miller is a great coach. If we demote him he walks away and goes somewhere else.

Ken Miller

Richie Hall is doing amazing where he is and Ken Miller is doing good where he is, so why fix what's not broken?

Really we have the money to give Richie what ever he wants to stay here. He is one of the keys to Riders success.

Weston Dressler. Wes Cates. DJ Flick. Wayne Smith. Stu Foord. Geran Walker. Chris Getzlaf. Rob Bagg. Belton Johnson. Adarios Bowman. Keep medaling.

It appears you've missed the point, austinpowers...

It was a good season, perhaps not stellar, but a good season nonetheless...
Why even think about replacing Miller ???
We lost our star quarterback, our head coach, and sustained 20+ injuries....
did anybody really think a repeat was a lock ???

He did great, Bishop perhaps not so much, but my votes with Ken and ET !

Riders in 2009...

If the Riders had lost all of their defensive backs (like 4 receivers), rotated through 4 safeties (defensive QB), lost middle LB and weakside LB (RB and FB) for chunks of the season, and had to mess around with the line (as happened with O-Line Injuries), our defense would have looked as bad as our offense did at times. So blaming Miller or Tillman for offensive woes is foolish.

Miller should stay on, see what he can do with a relatively healthy team. Hall should be assistant head coach if he isn’t already and should continue to be given free reign on the defense. I do not know how he would do as a head coach but I would hate to see him do a Stubler. I think he is much better than Stubler in that he coached players and manipulated his system to match the players rather than finding players to slot into a system as Stubler did. This would set him up to be a better head coach. But, I am always leery of over-promoting someone. Some people are fantastic at what they do but when they get a promotion they flop because they are not wired to deal with the new circumstances. I would hope that would not happen to Hall but it is a concern.