Ritchie Hall On Thin Ice - Should We?

Rumour mill is Hall will be fired if they lose to the Stamps today, a friend of mine from Red Deer (Big Esk Fan) confirms this, if so should The Bomber's bring him in as our Defensive Coordinator? I say fire Reed and bring in Hall if he is fired!!

Also Esks release NI Oline man Joe McGrath, maybe a NI replacement we should go after in place of Douglas (who is injured and sucks anyway's)? He is experienced and may posess the leadership we may could be lacking in the locker room.

Not trying to troll or anything, but the Bombers should fire Kavis Reed regardless. He has done nothing but fail at every one of his CFL stops. He was terrible here in Hamilton, and he was terrible in Toronto. How he keeps getting work is beyond me.

I agree 100% and no worries this is not considered trolling just a realistic and honest opinion :wink:

Maybe next year, but Hall will be paid his contract in Edmonton after they tie the can to him and I'm sure Reed got 3 years from us. So, it won't happen this year.

IF they lose to Calgary?

With their injuries and general awfulness, "if" is too kind. They should at least give Hall the spread.

Again with the over-reacting. Our defence has had one injury after another to starters. Of all of the starters on defence on Friday, 2 have been in the league for 5 or more seasons. After Doug Brown, Dorian Smith is the vet of our d-line and he's played a grand total of 24 games. Lobo has played something like 24 or 25 games as well and this is the first year he has been running the defence. The other 2 LBs have less than 10 games combined experience. IIRC the secondary started 3 guys in their first year as starters. Considering the inexperience and injuries I don't think any DC could have gotten better results.

id consider jovon and glover vets.. stewart,suber, kent, hicks, crt smith, willis even and hunt tho... i would not.
atleast someone has a level head on their shoulders tho. injuries are a factor, 7 weeks in.. has our starting d been together even for 2 weeks let alone 7? NO.

ppl need to have patience, ya i cant stand kavis reed but even ill say... u gotta give them time to gel and with injuries, how do u do that? u dont.

I would classify JJ as a vet as well. I just arbitrarily picked 5 years as a cut off to point out that most of our defence is not experienced. Add up the number of games played by Doug Brown, JJ and LaVar Glover and I'm sure it's a higher number than all of the rest of defensive starters from Friday combined.

Once again if you are patient that is your choice, the player's i mentioned that could/should be moved are Veterens, so there crappy play has nothing to do with injuries, if anything they should be playing better football with the injuries. The young guys and rookies i can have patience with, but certainly not the Veterens who should be stepping up with the injuries but they are not, in fact they are playing worse than they should be, that is lack of leadership and heart from the guys who should step up and are not!!! Be patient with these player's that is your choice, but 4-5 weeks from now and they are still not playing consistantly, with no heart and lack of leadership, you will see that i am simply correct in my analysis. I am sick of having "patience" with the Vets who are playing at a very low level and that is my right, why not make a change to improve now, sounds to me like you are happy and will settle for a team that is on pace to finish with a record of 6-12, 8-10 AT BEST, i am not, we should be at least a 9-9 team at seasons end, we won't be with these player's and i do know my football and not blind to the facts that are right in front of everyones face!!

IIRC the only veteran players you've critisized are Ralph and Davis (although I wouldn't cry if Davis was let go). The other names I've seen in your recent posts are Courtney Smith (3 career starts), Jamayel Smith (played in 1 game), Philip Hunt (12 career starts) and Alex Suber (4 career starts). Who are these other veterans that need to go?

Let's clear this up now, yes i critisized the rookies above but i don't recall ever saying we need to replace them, i said i have patience with the younger player's as they can improve and i hope they do, and critisizim is a nature of any sport, any team, any player.

Jamayel Smith i said i was not impressed with, Phillip Hunt i only questioned the dumb a$$ penalties he is taking every game, Suber i stated that he was good in the first game and than his play declined since his return from injury, can he play better? I think so as we seen in game 1, but he still has to prove that he can be a consistant player throughout the year. Courtney Smith could turn out to be a good player, but i have seen nothing as of yet to convince me he should be starting, only reason he is on the field is because of the injury to M.Bowman who at least showed positive signs that he can play the game, i am not impressed with his play (easy missed tackles) and to me he seems a little slow, that is my opinion on him.

The veterens that need to pick up there play are Glover, Ralph, Davis .... Should they be replaced? i believe Ralph and Davis for sure RIGHT NOW and if Glover keeps missing plays should at least ride the pine for a game or two until he shows he is a Vet with heart and intensity. Other player's i said should go are Charlton and obviously the coaches thought the same as he is gonzo and despite not really being a Vet i said Brown JR. and again he is gonzo, so obviously i see something wrong with certain player's that the coaching staff sees as well.

The thing i QUESTION the most is the lack of leadership on this team, only player's i have seen as leaders on the field are Doug Brown, Jovon Johnson and Ian Logan (a quick note, but Suber seemed to respond and play better when Ian was in) before his injury, that tells me that Logan was a positive influence on Suber, we miss Logan simple as that and that's not saying that Browne is a bad player because i like the way he plays the game, but maybe he lacks the leadership or intensity of Ian logan and therefore other player's are not responding or playing at a level they should be.

One final thought because i can write a book about this team right now, Phillip Hunt is playing great but it is time that a VET like Doug Brown (as he has known to do with other player's/coaches) and/or the coaches rip a strip down Hunts back if he continues to take these dumb penalties every game, settle the guy down maybe he is playing with too much intensity, who knows but either way he is constantly costing us alot of two and outs and because of it we are losing the field position portion of the game, which in many cases is the difference between winning and losing!! There are other player's taking dumb penalties but not as many as Hunt (3-4 costly penalties a game), so yes i have critisized Hunt and for good reason, should he be released? I Have never said that!!