Ritchie Hall New Head Coach???

Heard today on CKNW noon sports that Ritchie Hall is in Edmonton and may sign this week as the Eskimoes new Head Coach. Any truth to those rumours off the sportscast?

I've heard those rumours here, Sporty. If this happens, I wouldn't be the least surprised if Mo Lloyd and Anton McKenzie potentially became Eskimos in the new year...

I'm just glad Rick Campbell isn't on Danny M.'s shirt list of candidates. I wouldn't mind seeing Ritchie Hall. Our defence could use the boost.

Well the guy's certainly paid his dues in this league.

He's also in my opinion hands down the top defensive coordinator in the league (yes Chris Jones did a great job with Calgary's D this past season, taking a defence from worst to best in one year, but that was one year....Richie Hall has been consistent year in and year out).

So if anyone deserves a shot it's him (why Benavides is even mentioned in the same context puzzles me.....only ONE year as a DC, BC's defence actually declined a bit under his tutelage, so his resume can't hold a candle to Hall's).

If he's going to get a head coaching job, I sure hope it's in Edmonton; I would not want to see him in Toronto......don't think I'd wish that job on my worst enemy.

...certainly Hall will give the esks. defence a lift...i don't know how happy Ricky and the offence would be....with the emphasis on the 'd'....BUT ...definitely defences can win you a lot of games in this league...It's about time Hall got his shot at the head-coaching game...NOT good news for the Riders if he jumps ship.. :roll:

At least with Hall going to Edmonton, he wont have to worry about being fired in two years like he would if he had gone to Winnipeg. Taman and the Bombers change Coaches every two years whether they go to the Grey Cup or not. :roll: :roll:

I don’t know bout the coaching longevity in the Peg compared with the othe teams , sport…It seems to me Dancing Danny won a Cup not that long ago in edm…then fired himself?? :lol: :lol:Seems to be a lot of coaching movement of late… :roll:

TSN is reporting that Hall will be our new coach. Whoo! No Doug Berry. No Rick Campbell. I can sleep well at night again. :lol:

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=259971&lid=headline&lpos=topStory_cfl]http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=259971& ... pStory_cfl[/url]

Congrats on getting Ritchie Hall as head coach. It sucks he's leaving us but he deserves this chance. My biggest complaint now is I can no longer hate the Eskies with him there.

Take heart, dear Rider fan. I'm sure you'll find a new reason to hate the Esks before too long. :smiley:

And to echo Chief, I suspect the fans here are letting out a collective sigh of relief that we're getting back to the business of winning football.

Its with a heavy heart that i say this, however it is needed here, as well as on my turf in the rider section.

Congrats, both to shutter the Eskimos, and to Richie.. He is a class act! I'm sure your club will be on the rise once the dust settles. Aswell I wish you a good season, Hall definately deserves hs chance and I am glad it has finaly come. Now how the hell do we replace him? Argh!

I'll tell you want... To be fair, since we took your defensive coordinator, you can take ours. :smiley:

No thanks...Hughie Jr. can get a job somewhere else LOL! Shall be interesting how many FA's sign with you guys now that Hall is the HC, plus how many of your FA's will go elsewhere. Wonder who he'll get to be OC and DC? Not too many with CFL experience out there~!

I think Rick Worman will get a second year as our OC, now that he can design the playbook without Maciocia's influence. As for DC, i'm sure Hall will be sitting down for a chat with Campbell soon, to decide whether Rick can progress and be a better coordinator than he has been in past years.

I think DM "fired himself" before the Eskie fans got organized and fired him Salem style complete with the stake...