Ritche Hall for coach

I've always liked this guy....he has put together a great 'D' in the years in Regina....players and management alike respect the man...but he has never got a shot at being a head-coach....I say go after him Bauer/Taman....I don't know if he could get that Green out of his blood....but i think the challenge of putting HIS team in the Cup would be a great incentive....Ritchie for coach :thup: :thup: :thup: I know a lot of people will say....oh no....not another Stubler experiment....but i believe he is and was leagues ahead of Stubler....

Papa I'd say Richie Hall is clearly the best defensive coordinator in the league, hands down.

Does that mean he'll be a good head coach? I don't know............

Some great defensive coordinators totally bombed as head coaches....Gary Etcheverry, Rich Stubler.

On the other hand, other great defensive coordinators have had good success....Wally Buono and Don Matthews.

....I believe Hall falls nearer the category of Buono and Matthews than Stubler....just my take....Ritchie is not only great at what he does....players relate to the guy....He's certainly paid his due... and is due to take the next step..I hope that Bombers management doesn;t go off on some kind of tangent. searching south of the border.....They might come up with a Trestman or something.........whoah wait a minute////// :lol: :lol:

What do you think of the rumour that Berry is headed for T.O.////He might like it better there,being closer to home...but would the players like his attitude...Maybe they'll be giving Hall a call as well...the winds of change have started to blow early... :lol:

Iunno i like ritchie hall. thinks he does deserve a shot, name always comes up but never gets the go ahead. i think we need a new defensive co-ordinator on this team. cuz franky ours ain't exactly good at all. i hope we take alot of time and work to find the best guy for the team.

How about Matt Dunigan as offensive coordinator to work with Durant,Randall or whoever ends up Quarterbacking our team in 2009. Sorry, I think Glenn will be gone.

Perhaps Taman will bring Don Mathews to the Peg. I heard he's available and has a great career Win-Loss record! :wink: