Rita finally canned; Barker becomes Toronto GM


Interesting and not unexpected really.

Good move by the Argos! :thup:

Finally. Should have been done after the GC. Now the question is how long will Barker coach. Maybe Kent Austin will be sick of Cornell after next season and come back up to the CFL? One could dream.

It's basically a non-story; Barker was effectively the GM ever since he signed on as coach, even though he didn't have the offiical title.

Wow alot of dire spective on here for Adam Rita.

Wonder if He will become O.C. in the Hammer? Certainly an Improvement,IMHO

Austin walked out on the CFL, why kiss His ,,,

while im glad rita is gone, i don't feel barker should be GM.
he is buddy-buddy with players and too blind to see what an objective GM can see....that Lemon cannot be starting QB next year.

The writing was on the wall when Barker signed in Toronto. He's essentially been the GM anyways, so now they just make what we all knew official. Good job nonetheless. He's brought some semblance of professionalism to that franchise.

Agreed dg.
Like Wally in BC, I am not sure one person in this day and age can do a capable job handling two major duties.
Also and as Wally has agreed many times, there is a conflict with the two jobs as well.

The Good Ship Argonaut is turning around.

Buono and Hufnagel have done pretty decent jobs in dual capacity over the past several years, so I don't see a lot of evidence to support the idea that it can't be done.

Nooooo!!!! Curse you Jim Barker and your unapparent need to fix a sinking ship :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

Never said it was sinking, just said it was about 180* off course.