Rison released.


So he finally got the axe, hmm this might come back to haunt the Argos in my opinion. Guess we'll see what happens, as the article said the guy still has at least 5 good years in him. Maybe we'll take him here in Sask we are used to others leftovers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not surprising. There's just not been any room for Rison in the Argo lineup. He only got into 1 game this season and had maybe a single ball thrown his way.

Hopefully another team does pick him up and gives him at least a chance to play.

The ARGOS have other great recievers...............and some of them can HIT as well. :lol:

No Great loss of Rison, you have much better talent....Add him to the list of NFL head cases / busts.

Vince Ferragamo
Billy Whiteshoes Johnson
Dexter Manley
Mark Gastineau
Lawrence Phillips