Rison gone!!!

Well good bye to Rison.
We have to much talent on our team.Rison for sale.
Any buyers out there?
Riders you need a reciever.
Anybody want avery too?

The Riders do not need a reciever. Especially anyone like Rison.

Yeh riders don't need a reciever.
They have moore.He is the really the only good one left on the riders.Domingo gone for the year.There is a reason for the riders 3 wins.
Oh well,I will enjoy my Argos in the playoffs,while you rider fans enjoy your team missing them!!!

One thing Rison doesn't do is drop the football. Hamilton??????
He'll be dying to get a job, because if not he has to go back home and get a real job.

Actually Moore isn't even playing this weekend. he got bumped by Elijah Thurman. Thurman better play to his full potential, or I will be mad.

Oh the talent you riders have.
Thurman he is great.
Who needs Domingo when you have all that talent.
Greena is a all star too.
Look out Lions.Be scared.
Lions 55 riders 4.
I give you riders 4 points.I think Paul will miss his usual 4 field goals!!!

Rison will endup in Hamilton or Ottawa.

Want risons rookie card.Do ya,do ya!!!
O.K. it is getting old!!!

Rison should go to Hamilton, he is very experienced, and even if he himself does not improve the team, he will help other young receivers to improve

There is a story in Montreal how his agent has contacted the Als and supposedly they are considering it. Maybe now after last night, who knows? All I know with the limited time he had with the Argos, one thing for sure was his precise route running and sure hands. I hope he gets another chance.

The Als dont need a reciever.
We need defence