RIP Sean Taylor

Pardon my language, but how fucked up is this? The man is only 2 years older than me. Terrible... :frowning:

Sad news. My sympathies to all football fans and those in the Redskins organization close to Sean. Another young star cut down....

Oski Wee Wee,

A shame, condolences to his family and anyone who knew him.

Its brutal. And over what? Seems like over nothing.:frowning:

Is still can't beleive this happend. It's horrible. My condolences to those who were close to him.
RIP Sean Taylor. :cry:

A perfect example how some of us take our life for granted.

Sean Taylor was a great player always made you work for every inch most feared hitter in the league he is gonna be missed one of my favorite Safeties.

RIP Sean

It’s hard for us to say for sure, since we don’t and maybe will never know the full story. I heard this morning that it was random but it just seems really odd that it would be random. Could have been but it just makes me mad and upset that all these theories get tossed around. I heard too that it had something to do with his past troubles. You know what, if you have the balls to say that you better be 100% right. He was really turning the corner and devleopng the character everyone knew he had in him. He was only 24, that is still young and some people are still maturing then. Give him a break. I know its a cliche but he didnt have a great bringing up. Still, to throw that out there I think is pathetic. You don’t take a shot at the guy and bring up his past when you have no idea what the whole story is.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all Sean’s family and friends. God Bless.

RIP Sean Taylor

Antrel Rolle thinks his friend was targetted. He says Sean was targetted by whoever it was for 3 years...

I hate situations like this.

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They got a confession, apparently...

I heard on one of those typical AM sports shows that this guy wasn't exactly the model citizen, which in no means makes him less of a victim of a dumb crime.
The show also went on to say that he 'lived in fear' for years. What sort of company was he keeping that he lived in fear?
What do they know about the guy that shot him? Seems to be a terrible shot if he was truly trying to kill...shot him in the leg I heard.

He cleaned up his act quite a bit when he found out he was gonna have a daughter.....

It hit or was very close to the femoral artry..... Thats enough to kill anyone, and it is amazing his lasted as long as he did... However it appears that it wasnt nessecarily meant to kill him.

Well here in DC the people are still grieving over Sean Taylor's death. It won't go away for a while here.

They found out that four people was involved and they are now in custody, that includes the guy who shot Sean Taylor.

I'm not much of a Redskins fan but I feel extremely sorry for the team.

I haven't heard of too many people shooting to kill and also aiming for the femoral artery. It'd be a cool trick shot to impress your gangster buddies...but I'd imagine the sucess rate would be pretty low.

Cleaned up his act a bit....compared to what? Was this guy runnin' with thugs?

A man is dead... How 'bout a little sympathy... :roll:

Amen to that Chief.

I even wanted them to win against my Bears last week.