RIP Prince Hal

I had vowed that I would not bother others with my views over this weeks happenings but I could not stay away without commenting on the loss of one of the CFL's greatest and classiest players of all time.

I consider myself lucky to have watched him play, he was arguably the greatest receiver in CFL history. Guys like him don't come around often.

I would hope that a MOD would edit my mistake, the title of course should be Prince Hal.

He'll always be one of the greats. R.I.P. Hal.

Picture (c.1958) from Wikipedia:

Thanks Robert for the Pic of Hal Patterson as an Alouette back then; I only remember Hal as a Tiger Cat.

Well I remember him BOTH as a great receiver/DB for the Als. . . then as a great receiver for Hamilton. . .and then, as a great neighbour, and then, meeting this legend again, in 2008 at the Grey Cup in Montreal. . . the CFL is poorer today for the loss of this man who defines the phrase "class act"