RIP Peter Lougheed

Although it was before even my time, Mr. Lougheed was a punt returner for the Eskimos. His contributions to Alberta and Canada helped shape the Country.

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Lougheed was a great Alberta Premier who was also a giant player in Canadian history. RIP.

Hope this makes the southern Ontario news and is understood there, well here. RIP.

I can't say I remember him as a player, but I clearly remember him ousting the hated (by me and many others) bible-thumping, rights trampling, Social Credit. That evil party that once tried to censor the press in Alberta (a law that was refused Royal Assent by Lieutenant Governor).

Oddly, at the time and given I was still a teenager, I thought of him as just another stuffy old fogey who was an embarrassment to an already embarrassing province. I still remember the Alberta that banned not just a few Sunday events, but ALL Sunday events; you couldn't even see a movie on a Sunday for crying out loud. It was the same province that embraced the forced sterilization of people it deems socially worthless, such as people with learning disabilities.

Well, Peter Lougheed changed all that. His party was called (and still is) Progressive Conservative, but Lougheed was really a moderate progressive. He led Alberta — not kicking and screaming — after all those decades of horrible far right-wing quasi-religious government where the Premier would give bible lectures on the radio on Sundays, out of the woods of isolation and into a new era of prosperity, social reform, industrial development, and burgeoning provincial pride.

Alberta (and lo, even Canada) experience unprecedented growth and change in so many ways under Lougheed, and he set the table for future. Then he retired from politics while still on top and before he overstayed his welcome. RESPECT

You just can't say enough about what that man accomplished. I've never been so happy to be so wrong about somebody. He was ANYTHING but a stuffy old fogey.

Wasn't it Lougheed who once said, and I'm paraphrasing here, when asked if he'd run for federal leadership of the PCs "Why do I want to run Canada when I already run Alberta."

I don't know if he said that exactly, but he did refuse invitations to take up federal politics because he felt he could do more provincially. And he did. I'm from Ontario and now in the Maritimes but I know about some of the good work he did as premier. You could hold him up as a model for other politicians to follow.

Had no idea he played in the CFL though!

Peter Lougheed: Premier
Don Getty: Premier
Normie Kwong: Lt. Gov.

For a while there, it seemed like only ex-Eskimos were allowed to run the province of Alberta.