RIP Paul Weiler(Pigskin Pete)

Dan Black ?@pigskin_peteIV 41m
Sad sad day rip paul Weiler the original pigskin Pete for a lot of us he loved the #ticats I love you paul and will continue on your legacy

Weiler led the OskeeWeeWee from 1976-2006, before hanging up his bowler hat after 30 years.


A very sad day indeed - in the history of The Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

That is very sad. He was a very nice man. RIP. He will be missed.

A VERY SAD day in the CFL and Ti-Cat community! My prayers and thoughts to his family. Paul is gone but will NEVER be forgotten! :frowning: :frowning:

Agreed. I would like to give my deepest sympathies to Paul’s family. I’ll really miss seeing him now at Ticats Games :frowning:

Very sad, Condolences.

Pigskin Pete was the best! The best cheer in all of football, he will be missed.

Let's all have a toast to Pigskin,drink up boys :smiley: RIP Pigskin :frowning: :cowboy:

You will be missed-one last time for Pete are you ready ????OSKIE-WEE-WEE OSKIE WAW-WAW HOLY MACKINAW TIGERS EAT EM RAW !!!!!!! :rockin: :cowboy: :rockin: :cowboy:

I'll never forget Paul spiriting the crowd during my formal initiation into the TiCats lair in the late 70's.

He will be sadly missed, as will Lamar. :frowning:

Paul IS Pigskin Pete in my mind. The current guy is good, But Paul was the one I grew up watching.

My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

How incredibly sad. That man, that bowler and that cheer are iconic to this franchise. His memory will live on. I hope that the club will honour him in some regard with a place in the new stadium.

A very sad day for Paul's family, and us his extended family - the Ticat fan base. RIP Pigskin!

:( my condolences to his family , he was a great ambassador to the black and gold and a great human being....,,

Paul and his wife where special people you meet one in a life time
Paul could drink you under the table and his wife loves to chat
He was great story teller and Held me Spell Bound every time he spoke.
I’ve had very good Fortune to hang out With Paul a few Times
He was very uplifting and wonderful man
I am sad that he is gone . :frowning:
Oskee wee wee paul and thank you
RIP my deepest sympathies to Paul’s family.

Paul was the heart and soul of the Tiger-Cats for many seasons and what a great guy, RIP PigSkin Pete.

I hope the Tiger-Cats and Caretaker Bob Young erect a Bronze Statue or plaque outside of Tim Horton's Field that will stand for many generations to come and show the legacy of this Great Tiger-Cat supporter, Fan and the ultimate cheer leader with his Oskee, Wee, Wee chant and Tiger-Cat cheer known throughout the CFL.


A moments silence and a tribute montage video on the new scoreboard would be a fitting send off to this Ti-Cat Legend.

Only met the man twice, both times on the bus to Guelph. Enjoyed talking with him and the Mrs. His passing seems like the end of an era to Hamilton football fans.

i didnt know he was sick? shame he didnt make it to the finished opening of ivor wynne… im to assume there will be a tribute this sunday. damn well better be

RIP Pigskin

a Short clip of Paul in Action as Pigskin

Looking forward to a tribute on Sunday. He seemed like a lovey guy and is certainly part of the rich and unique heritage of the CFL.

RIP Paul going to miss you