RIP Neil Peart

…love RUSH, sad to hear this…

Sad news indeed.

Devastating news. One of the greatest drummers of all time. :frowning:

Besides drumming, Neil was the prime lyricist for Rush. Fantastic lyrics… I’ve read all his books too. Good reading especially if you’re a biker-he was… I partied with Neil before he joined Rush and saw his first concert gig with them. Rush was the Toronto intro band for many years for all the big rock bands that toured through, so i figure I have seen Rush 20-25 times, maybe more.
My sons both play drums and Neil was their hero… Neil’s drum solos were a thing of beauty.

RIP Neil.

…whoa, that’s an incredible connection there Dan, thanks for sharing that…I’ll need to look up NP’s books…

I figured you’d pick up on Neil’s bike adventure books. I thought you might already have read them.

Peart was also an expert bird watcher. He was a very cultured man.

Dan, agree with R&W’s post.

I was not much of a Rush fan but from the times I did see clips of the band, Neil could sure play.

RIP Neil Peart.

I would have to say and some can disagree if they wish, but Neil Peart was the Master, one of the best Drummers in the world, won’t see the likes of him again, very very sad.

RIP Neil! You will live on in your life’s work.

…NFL RUSH fan? I’ve noticed a few times with this weekend’s playoff games that when the announcers break for a commercial there’s ten seconds or so of music and some replay that just happened and many of the music selections have been RUSH mainstream sound bytes…

That’s called a bumper and I doubt if clearing those Rush snippets came cheap.

Off topic - There’s a very interesting interview with showrunner Hugh Wilson of WKRP on the Archive of American Television. He didn’t want soundalikes for his show so he was able to negotiate some pretty good terms for music on the show’s original run. That soon changed and when WKRP went to syndication it was going to be one of the biggest deals ever. Except they had to edit the crap out of the shows because they didn’t have the music clearances, and that killed it.

I wasn’t really into (for lack of a better term hard rock) as a teenager, except for RUSH (and maybe a little Alice Cooper) both on 8 Track ugh… IIRC. I played the shit out of Fly by Night.

Not a real fan of that over the top style of pounding imo. But he was a National icon in his own right.

Played drums hard and angry.