RIP Mylan Hicks

Let's see if he can impress the big boys in Maximum Security.
19 years old ? Oh they will party with him.

Also wait til mommy comes out and states " he is a good boy who fell into the wrong crowd"

I hear that every FN time.

Weird thing with the Witnesses, the police has been asking for any video of the incident since so many people were apparently around. No one has come forward yet.

Now if this was a police officer doing something, you can bet social media would be plastered with videos.

Hope someone out there does the right thing and come forward and make sure whoever was responsible gets the max the law allows. Including those who may have put this kid up to it, if there were any.

As a tribute to Mylan Hicks I will be proudly sporting his jersey in my sig for the remainder of the season. :thup:
R.I.P # 31 :cry:

I'm sure it is going to be quite an emotional week and game this weekend for the Stampeders. At least they do have a few days to get their emotions in check and mourn before having to play another game.

The raw emotion on display last night just one day after the other tragic death we heard about Sunday morning - Marlins star pitcher Jose Fernandez - was one of the saddest (and most incredible) things I've ever seen in sports. When one of his best friends on the team - wearing his batting helmet - took a pitch on the wrong side of the plate to honour his friend. Then crossed over to his normal left handed batting side - to hit a leadoff home run - his only home run of the entire season!

He was sobbing (as were many in the crowd and many of his teammates) by the time he made it around the bases.

I'll be cheering for my Ti-Cats ths week - but have great sympathy for the Stampeders family and the Hicks family.

Jamar Wall is going to wear Mylan`s jersey in Hamilton I truly hope the fans in Hamilton and I know these fans are nothing but class will give a standing ovation for Mylan even though it is only his jersey.

I too thought this was very emotional. RIP to all three who passed away in the sports world :frowning:

As the week progresses, the more upsetting this is.

Because, we are now getting to know Mr. Hicks, from his parents and team mates .
The decent good person he was.

Situation has exposed he tried to calm scum bag down. Offered to buy him a drink and was being nice to him.
What is his reward for this ? Gets killed.
Taken out by a sub human that will not amount to anything in life.

Mylan was just staring out in his life and career.
This was ended thanks to a piece of trash that is not worthy of the air it is breathing or the dirt it will someday be underneath.

OK, I am sure when it gets to court that a tax funded shrink and lawyer will announce that the poor young man is the true victim. He was under emotional distress , depressed and heard voices in his head.
Or that he was a good boy who got into a bad crowd.

What would I do ?
Lock the SOB in a room with the entire Stamps squad and walk away.

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I don't believe in coincidence I know your still here..Your not leaving until we get this Cup! #31 #MylanHicks

I hope they give Mylan's Mom a ring if the win the Championship!

It's incidents like this and many other that happen nightly across Canada that shows what a lack of parenting can cause. Somehow over the last 20 years too many parents are raising kids in broken homes or just not doing a good enough job. I'm of the era when we still feared getting spanked at home or the ruler over the knuckles at school. Had both disliked both but I listened. I didn't get to run the streets all night long. We respected our parents and rules were rules.
What are kids doing running wild all night long while all seemingly holding guns or knives. They think they are in someway tough but very misguided as the tough times were when you had to fight with your hands if needed. Any little fart can feel tough with a gun. Toss some strange drugs and booze into the mix and you get a Mylan Hicks incident. Sad as hell what society has become.

Homicide rates in Canada are the lowest they've been since the 60's.

Look at Ottawa. How things can change.

Ssh, people ranting about the good old days don't like to hear about how it's all bullshit and we're far safer than we've ever been.

The rates may have gone down and the number of actual homicides are up because of the difference in populations from the 60s to now.

Nope I was wrong. It is per 100,000 and almost as low as 1966. That's pretty good. Do you figure that people are starting to use the old noodle ? That's an amazing stat.

I saw a theory years ago that it was becuase of removing lead from gas. Lead is known to have all kinds of bad effects on the mind. When it was removed from gas, lead levels in the environment started dropping, and there's been a steady decline in the violent crime rate for decades. That theory is almost impossible to prove, but it's interesting!

The interesting thing is that we're safer, and yet people are far more scared. The disconnect between reality and perception is remarkable.

Good read here, a story we may have but should not forget about

[url=] ... ylan-hicks[/url]

...thanks for sharing that story Grover

missed that article .... thanks for posting.

the only reason I would be somewhat happy with the Stamps winning the cup. Win it for Hicks!!