RIP Mylan Hicks

Sad to here of the death of Mylan Hicks. Had a great career in front of him. :cry:

Calgary Stampeders player Mylan Hicks has died following a shooting at a Calgary nightclub.

Three adult male suspects were arrested in the vicinity of the Marquee Beer Room following the early morning incident Sunday, Insp. Don Coleman said, including one suspect who was known to police.

Coleman told reporters there was an altercation inside the nightclub prior to closing time, which continued outside the bar and escalated to the point where shots were fired and the victim was struck.

“I think the altercation in the bar was with maybe a little bit larger group and continued outside, where rounds were fired,? he said.

Police received a call at approximately 2:35 a.m. Sunday that someone had been shot.

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Terrible news to wake up to this morning. Condolences to his family and friends, RIP.


Sad news.

Practice roster DB Stamp Mylan Hicks was shot outside a nightclub here in Calgary.

3 people were arrested. Glad witnesses did the right thing and stood up.

The confrontation took place inside and went out.

What kind of scum goes to a nightclub with a gun ?

Horrible loss of a young man's life chasing his dream of pro ball.

Stamps are flying his mother in from the US.

My heart goes for her. Proud mom gets news like this and now has to fly to claim her son to take him home.

...terrible news, such a senseless act of violence...far too young to have passed....RIP Mylan...

Sad news... Rest In Peace

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Charges laid

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Nelson Tony Lugela, who is 19, is charged with second-degree murder.

He is scheduled to appear in court Friday morning.

Hicks mother does not have a passport. The Stamps are making arrangements to get her one.

Poor woman. I can not think of what she is going through.

I hope this punk scum waste of trash goes away for life.

Typically, the kind that already is engaged in criminal activity or plans to do so.

Young men, guns, liquor and egos; a dangerous combination.

A guy who knows he couldn't win a fight with his fists, or even with a knife.

Gun laws do absolutely ZERO to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

This is yet another example of why concealed carry is the best means of reducing shootings. People won't be so quick to pull out a gun when they know there's a strong possibility that half the room is also carrying.

Well, it would probably eliminate a large percentage but certainly not all - the sickest of the sick are pretty much oblivious to threats hidden or threats obvious!

Maybe this thread should be left for condolences and the gun law(s) debate can be held elsewhere.

Terrible tragedy. Just heartbreaking. My sincere condolences to all those who knew and loved him.

This was a Sat night celebration of a win.
There were a lot of Stamps players there. Could have been any one of them.

Poor Mr. Hicks never got a chance to live out his life.
I keep thinking of his poor mom.

What goes through a guys head ?
"You dissed me in front of my crew, so here I go "

Calgary stated frustration dealing with " repeat customers " who should not be out in the street.
What I do not get is, why only second degree ?

It was not a preplanned killing! The crown would have a better chance of conviction with 2nd degree then 1st degree. The penalty can be the same but 2nd degree has a parole option which can be revoked after 10 years.

Good point . Yes, I thought of that.

The other thing I thought of was , he showed up with a gun.

That could be considered a pre plan. The person just happened to be Hicks.

When you show up with a gun, it is for one reason. To kill somebody.

Anyway, that is how I would hope the courts would see it.

So Sad, Heart wrenching story

"Stamp Mylan Hicks hugged accused killer moments before shooting, says grieving mom"

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YES THE 19 YEAR OLD MAGGOT JUST WANTED TO IMPRESS HIS CREW! Again with so many witnesses at the scene what kind of defense will this jerkoff have when it come to a conviction. Again I hope he gets the max for 2nd degree murder.