RIP Lincoln Alexander

CBC has just reported that Lincoln Alexander has passed away, but don't have many details yet.
He was a great man that I had the pleasure of meeting a couple times and he'll be missed by all of Canada.

RIP Linc.

Edit: The globe has a more in-depth report.

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RIP Linc. You will be missed.

My condolences. He was a truly remarkable and classy individual. When you look up the word "Honourable" in the dictionary, you'll probably see his picture.

Linc and I met at "The Famous People Players" in Toronto about 6 years ago. I was mesmerized by his charm
and his ability to call a spade a spade. We spent an hour chatting that evening and I'll never forget him.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Alexander.

Linc personified a “gentle man”. Rest in Peace.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

never met the man heard his name quite often was very touched by his impact on people in hamilton and there lives RI P