RIP Kobe Bryant

One of the biggest sports stars in the world - gone! Way too young. Four daughters too. So sad.

Raptors and Spurs coaches and players fighting back tears as fans chanted Kobe’s name as each team starts the game by taking deliberate 24 second clock violations. Kobe wore #24.

Unconfirmed reports indicate one of his daughters was killed as well along with a young teammate of hers. It is just incredibly sad.

On their way to her basketball game with another player and parent.

R.I.P. to all.

Horrible news. Too many gone to soon today.

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I’m not a big fan of the NBA, nor of Kobe, but even 24+ hours later, its still a big shock. Kobe was arguably the greatest LA Laker of all time( I think Wilt and Magic are in that conversation), but he transcended his sport and sports in general… he touched many lives( not all of them in a good way, as has been noted), but many looked up to him, and he will leave quite a legacy. RIP to all of those who lost their lives yesterday.

RIP Kobe and all the other victims in the crash .