RIP - "Kid" Carter

Sorry gents; I know this has nothing to do with football, but has everything to do with Montreal sports.

We lost a great one with Gary "the kid" Carter today. He respresented all that was good with a sports hero. First, he was great at what he did, he was great with the fans and the media, he was enthusiastic about the game... In short, just what we expect from a player who dons the uniform of our team. RIP Gary!

Now, CFLers - you do the same!

Having just read about Carter I was shocked to say the least - he was my best memory of the Expos. Indeed, RIP.

I would have been throughly disappointed if someone Hadn't started a thread on the subject. Good on ya. :thup:

As someone mentioned on the radio this morning, the city would be doing an honorable jesture by naming a street in the Big O. vicinity after Gary.

And his loss and the reaction to it again drives home what a big chunk of the City of Montreal was lost with the departure of the Expos.

When he left for the Mets that was the beginning of the end of the expos. Glad he got to win a world series in New York.

Many...many great memories of Gary Carter and the gang.

Thank you Gary for everything you brought to this city...and my life.

Rest in Peace, my friend.

Something at Olympic park is supposedly going to be named after him.

So sad that the Kid has passed on. Merci Gary! A great person and player.

same for Cal Murphy just passed away. 1977 Grey Cup forever. :thup: