RIP John Badham

I just came back from the funeral service here in Peterborough this morning for sports broadcaster John Badham, who died in hospital from liver cancer on December 8th. He was 79.

John was the radio play by play announcer for the Tiger-Cats in 1978.

He had an illustrious 60 year career in broadcasting beginning in Weyburn, Saskatchewan but is best known for being the voice of the Toronto Argonauts where he broadcast games over several years on three separate radio stations.
John’s deep, rich and powerful voice was also heard doing play-by-play for three other Canadian Football League teams over a 22 year period… the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the BC Lions and the Ottawa Rough Riders. It’s a record that has earned him a place in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.
He also worked for the CBC for several Olympics and broadcast several Curling championships.
Just before his death he was given a Career Achievement Award from Sports Media Canada.

We never crossed paths professionally…I worked in news for CBC radio for almost 30 years. But after I retired in 2004 and moved to Peterborough, I got to know John, who was still active here in local radio. I became his “go to” guy whenever he wanted to talk with a hard-core ( :smiley: ) Tiger-Cats fan. We had many lively debates on the air, especially a few years ago at playoff time.

John was a strong family man. He is survived by his wife of 59 years…Dorothy (Dot) , four children, eleven grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

The CFL has had many excellent sports broadcasters. John Badham was one of them. I thought I should put his passing on the record here on the Tiger-Cat website.

Thanks for posting this.

I remember John Badham very well. He was a great supporter of the CFL for many years. Condolences to his family.

Thanks for Posting.

Back in the day, I enjoyed listening to Argos broadcasts, but only to hear John. He was an original, and a great one at that.

Rest in Peace, John Badham. 2016 has not been a great year. We've lost too many good people.

Pat Lynch (the old guy) :frowning:

8) I will always remember well that deep booming great radio voice of John Badham doing Argo games back in the
   70's from good old CNE stadium.

    He was a fantastic play by play man, along with the late Bill Stephenson of CFRB and CTV.

    Condolences to the Badham family.

My bride worked with John in Peterborough and I had occasion to meet him a few times. Loved his CFL football. Great guy. He was a great broadcaster "back in the day".

Sad news.

Thanks for all the nice comments folks!

I'll pass them on to John's wife Dot. I'm sure she will appreciate them.

Martin ( mr62cats).