Rip Job On the CFL in the Toronto Sun. By a CFL Writer!

A very sad article on the NFL/CFL arguement in the Toronto Sun.
Whats even sadder, this guy, Rob Longley, covers the CFL for the Sun.
In my opinion people like Longley make me embarassed to be a CAnadian.
His hatred for the CFL obviously hides a deeper hatred of this country as a whole.
I don't get what morons like him are doing writing for a CAnadian newspaper?

Here's the link for your perusal.

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By the way. Here's his email address in case you want to let him know what an a-hole he is.

He's an a-hole because he prefers a different game? Doubtful...

Prefer is one thing.
To hate is another.
And to make ridiculous comments with no basis in fact, to prove his inane points, considering he is supposedly a professional writer, is quite sad in my books.

…ah, ridiculous comments with no basis in fact…much like what happens here on a daily basis…

Seriously…this want for flaming people for preferring a different game reeks of inferiority complexes, and is getting old.

I guess you didn't read the article?
Its quite sad in my books.
This went beyond saying he likes the forgeingers over our own.
To insult hundreds of thousands of CFL fans across Canada?
Whats the point?
LIke you don't find that sad?
Because I'm sure he has a very low opinion of you Rider fans as well.
We don't need uneducated losers like him in the CAnadian media.

I agree we dont need him but you are only giving him the attention he wants

I read it...his opinion doesn't affect my own...he's entitled to his, and if he chooses to think fans of any team are unworthy of his time, then that just shows his character.

I don't know why you're wasting your energy griping about this, to be honest. You're giving him exactly what he wants, which is discussion and attention. Excellent work! You just helped him extend his career!

Speaking of Bad Reporters

While scoring has been on a downward spiral in the CFL in recent years, NFL offences are displaying far more imagination and creativity than in the past, and there’s been plenty of entertainment as a result. The offensive machines operated by the New England Patriots’ Tom Brady and the Green Bay Packers’ Brett Favre are truly things of beauty. And they’re not alone in the NFL. The NFL playoffs this season have been mostly dandy spectacles.

CFL games, on the other hand, have been generally dull since 2005. That has even been the case the past couple years in the league’s showcase event, the Grey Cup game.

way to support the CFL Marty :thdn:

its true...the CFL has been dull since '05, and i blame the demise of the renegades for this

now we get the same match ups, LITERALLY, week after many rematches from the week prior were there this past season? was pretty obvious which 2 teams were gonna miss the playoffs, from about week 8.

the gades added just a little bit of needed variety in the schedule, and in '05, they were 1st in the east at mid-season, keeping the playoff hunt more interesting than its been the last 2 seasons.

More love for the CFL in the Saturday edition of "Canada's National Newspaper"...


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Here is the letter I sent to Longley:

Is that your opinion of some fellow Canadians, "stubble-jumpers from Saskatchewan"? Aren't you so clever!

Actually, you are an ignorant bigot and a fool.

Enjoy your preseason game, peabrain


you know what i hate the NFL in canada. thats my choice. But if the dam centre of the universe in TO want them then let them have them. Let them destroy our beloved version of the game. Maybe then the will realize that they ruined a great part of Canadian culture. but then again when did people in TO realize things outside the city limits?

What we have here are people who have never travelled outside of the GTA with their little journalism degrees from some hack Toronto college acting like they know all about sports in CAnada.
Whens all they know is what they see on American TV.
I don't care if they don't like the CFL, but these people go overboard in running it down.
It really is quite embarassing.

Typical arrogant Torontonian media! I can't help but think, if the NHL won't expand in Canada, why would the NFL. This is just bonehead journalists trying to fire up their dream of having a Toronto NFL team. Yeah, the Bills owner will die one day. But does that mean someone like Paul Godfrey can find enough people to invest in purchasing the franchise? Would the NFL consider the Rogers Center adequate for a NFL team on a permaneant basis? This is nothing but speculation.

It's just sad, when there's a low scoring game in the CFL or an official makes a bogus call, the CFL is called Bush League. But look at the NFL, Steelers vs Dolphins 3-0. and 8-0 game at the "Dog Pound" in Cleveland. Lots of questionable calls in the NFL. They just don't mention it in the media, they talk about only the high scoring games. With 16 games a week, yeah there will probably be one. I do like the NFL, but it's only superior in the sense of it's marketing. And please, give me a break in talking about the revenue it generates. That does not benefit the fans. It results in high ticket prices and unaffordable merchandise.

Get over it Toronto media and NFL snob fans. Tom Brady and Tony Romo are not gonna come and visit you. Wa wa Wa!!

berezin..It's a point-counterpoint article. Somebody HAS to take the pro NFL side.

Do you think he could not sleep last night because of that letter?
Do you think he even gave it a second thought?

I can guarantee you that he laughed at you and deleted it, and his opinion of CFL fans is now lower because of it.

Yeah...He made reference to the irrational, xenophobic ones then got that e-mail. Nothing like a little reinforcement of a stereotype, Xvys.

It’s not Marty’s job to support the CFL.

And you should probably be thankful for that. :wink:

Why do you let this bother you so much? Who cares what he thinks? I dont.

You seriously need to lighten up there berezin. Ever heard of "good cop, bad cop" ? The other guy completely rips Longly on every feeble attempt he makes.

Berezin, pm me and I will give you the best martini recipe you ever had. :wink: