RIP Gilbert Gottfried

I was sadden to hear the passing of the late Gilbert Gottfried.

That man was a true comedian, raw and raunchy. I love his induction to mainstream when he played an LA accountant in "Beverley Hills Cop II"(along with a young Chris Rock as a Playboy mansion valet). "What!?! I'm' robbing you".

Loved Gilbert in "Aladdin" as Iago. He had a great voice for animated movies. Gilbert held his own against Robin Williams in the animated Disney feature

Gilbert's impersonation of Jerry Seinfeld was so spot on, Jerry himself hated it.

You know you are great comic when you tell the best version of a dirty joke in "The Aristocrat".

Gilbert Gottfried made me laugh with his brand of humor. He will be missed.


Aww man. Best guest ever on Arsenio. He stole the show, Arsenio lost control of the audience to Gottrried.

"So Arsenio, did you do the nasty with Paula Abdul yet?"

Arsenio had no comeback, he was done.


The dude owned roasts on celebrities. He roasted Bob Saget good, who went before him. Now Gilbert can do it again on the other side.

Will Smith would’ve punched Gilbert if he said something about Jada Pinkett like he did to Roseanne or William Shatner.

Gottfried had a great set up and that voice emphasized the joke


I loved Gilbert. His appearances on the Stern show are legendary. He also had amazing chemistry with Norm Macdonald on Norm's talk show.


He ALWAYS pushed his audience to the brink of discomfort. I’d compare his routine to that of the late great Don Rickles with the main difference being… Gilbert let the expletives fly like bullets.

RIP Gilbert Gottfried.


Norm Macdonald , Bob Saget and now Gilbert Gottfried .

Friends and All around the same age and the same type of dark biting humour .

RIP Gilbert .


What a great thread! I never would have known there were other fans here.

The bit on Stern during the OJ Simpson trial of “Dracula Gottfried” was one I always treasured.

Please be advised for historical context that such were the norms of 1995, whatever your opinion now, and NOT 2022 let alone even 2015.