RIP Eskimos...

I feel kind of weird about this loss... This is the second time Edmonton has suffered a last second loss this season... Suitor was going on about how Edmonton is so good at coming back. I can think of two games that disprove that myth.

The offence finally turned it around... though it took them more than 20 minutes to get started. You can't expect to win a game if it takes you that long to get rolling. Personally, I think switching offensive coordinators was a mistakes. We basically lost five weeks because of this switch, and in those five weeks, we lost four games. This switch dug us into such a deep hole...

But ultimately, I blame the defence, again. Yes, they made some plays, and got some stops... but they still allowed B.C. to score 34 points. And Schultz did a great job at halftime of highlighting the poor tackling.

The O-Line also deserves some of the blame. What'd they give up tonight, 4 sacks? The person who said the O-Line is playing well... yeah, not so much. I can't even tell you how many times I saw #59 get beat. I could've blocked better than him, and I probably weigh 100 pounds less.

I don't know... :roll: Bye-bye playoffs. Hello, old friend, Fourth Place!

Dont sweat it Chief, Either the Eskies or the Lions will cross over. Winnipegs winning streak is over on Monday.

I don't know, Sporty... We still have road games in Toronto, Calgary, and B.C., and Edmonton hasn't been good on the road in literally years!!!

The best I can see us finishing is 8-10.

Besides, I want this team to miss the playoffs. Maybe being out of the playoffs three times in four years will force the organization to finally make some drastic changes. This once proud franchise is in a nasty rut right now...

You play Toronto twice....4 guaranteed points. Lose one of those games....then they are done.

You know, I was just looking over the standings...

Edmonton is 6-8, 4-4 at home, 2-4 on the road, and 3-5 in the division. Do those numbers look familiar to anyone? They should.

In 2006, Edmonton was 7-11, 5-4 at home, 2-7 on the road, and 6-4 in the division.
In 2007, Edmonton was 5-12-1, 3-5-1 at home, 2-7 on the road, and 1-9 in the division.

Hate to say it, but the season is over for Eskimos fans. I guarantee we lose at Calgary and at B.C., which would put us at 6-10 overall, 2-6 on the road, and 3-7 in the division.

And even in the off chance that we do crossover (and I'd really rather we play in the West since that is the division we play in), good luck getting by Montreal in the East Final.

Tonight was the last nail in Edmonton's coffin.

wow I think coach hall is probably still in disbelief
I coundn't believe how flat your schmoes came out tonight just no life and I really don't get the defence richie is known for his defensive powerhouses but yet there is no drive it seems and its not as tho you have no talent. myself watching on tv from regina I just wonder if they couldn't have just dug a little deeper for a DC daley is an idiot and a huge part of that facet of the D's failure.I also think that OC that reminds me of a mini Danny M if he would style plays that suit rickys game he would be more apt to succeed
so sorry to the fans of edmonton tough home loss glad we don't meet again this year cause you guys came back here in sask twice this year in those last minute stealers and those hurt especially at home :stuck_out_tongue:

I do like the way the Esk vets "step up" and take the blame.. Mo Mann a couple weeks ago after a big drop.. Hill and Parker after last night's debacle. "It's on me!"
Go Eskies!!

That was drama last night in the Leo's victory over the Eskies. Looking at the schedule for remaing games for both teams; I'll make the trip to B.C. place to see who takes third in the west. Here's hopeing both teams will be sitting at 8-9 come the final regular season matchup. Hey Chief, Do I have a little too much faith in the Eskies?, or...............AM I A DIE HARD ESKIMO FAN. :thup:

I'd say you're overly optimistic... nothing wrong with that. I'm more of a realist. With games in Toronto, in Calgary, and in B.C., I know our chances of making the playoffs are pretty slim. And let's be honest, does this team even deserve to make the playoffs? I want good teams in the playoffs, and when you lose five games in a six-game stretch, I think you lose the right to say you're a good team.

Thanks for your response Chief. All in all if the Esk's lose in Toronto and they know it, the party is over. :frowning:

Chief, I wouldn't write your esks off yet. The Riders are just as much if not more inconsistent. Calgary isn't scaring anyone and BC will go as far as Buck can take them. Every team in the west has a flaw that can be exposed in any given game. Also, every team in the west is capable of lighting it up every single game they play. Watch the Riders tonight..I bet we won't look "scary"...and even less scary will likely be our play calling. This year will be a photo finish..

I really hope they don't lose in Toronto, but considering they haven't been able to beat an Eastern team in the East this season, I wouldn't be surprised if they did lose. I just hope they beat Toronto in Edmonton. It's the last home game of the season, and it's been an incredibly disappointing season... give the fans something to cheer about. If we only win one more game this season, let it be that one!

Riderprider, I agree that the West has looked a little shaky this season... but here's the difference. Even though Calgary is looking shaky on offence right now, they're still managing to win games. After an incredibly slow start, B.C. is finally starting to make a run, and this is exactly when you want to make a run. Even though Saskatchewan looks off at times, there's still a great team atmosphere in Regina. I don't think you'll find a closer team than Saskatchewan. I liked what one poster said on here, he said the Riders would run through a brick wall for Miller.

Then you look at Edmonton... a team that's lost five of its last six. There's a reason we're sitting in the basement right now.

I think the standings will stay the way they are: Calgary, Saskatchewan, B.C., and Edmonton.

I really would not be surprised if we win only one more game all season(the home game vs. Tor). Yes. This does mean I think there is a good possibility we will lose to Toronto next week in Toronto.

Once again we had a rout going on in the first half then let it slip in the third quarter..this is why I don't we are contenders. Edmonton's ability to put up points makes them a lot more dangerous. I can't put my finger on it. We come out of the gate and Durant is slinging it all over the field..making great decisions..then halftime comes, our coaches play checkers and we come out in the 3rd quarter absolutely convinced we won the game so we run and dump it off and by the time Durant throws a pass over 10 yards, the 3rd quarter is almost over..he is out of rhythm, the recievers get out of sync..cates has lost his burst..I just don't know what Lapolice is thinking about..that lack of killer instinct is why we are 8-6..the game against you guys and against hamilton..we build up a lead then p!ss it away and it is frustrating as hell..just like I'm sure it is with you guys and the last minute drama..ugh it is really hard to be confident but you put it right Chief..some people just like to bury their heads in the sand and ignore reality..

Edmonton is a better team than bc...bc is hot right now(at the most important time) but they have the ability to self destruct and if buck goes down they are done. Speaking of that, I'm impressed with bp..can't question that guys heart!

When you look at the west there is not one team that dominates any team..Edmonton can very well come out of the west..and I heard that Dressler broke his tibia..big loss..our gamebreaker is done...I can't see the riders beating cgy twice and bc again..maybe hamilton..maybe...i think it goes: Calgary BC Edmonton Sask....