RIP Don Sutherin


Thanks for posting that, Welder. It's good to hear about the impact players and coaches have on each other off the field.

And here I go, posting a negative video - from 1997! This randomly showed up in my Youtube feed, because Google knows me so well. Despite the title, it's actually Global News speculating on when Sutherin will get fired. Interesting that his players are expressing public support.

Don Sutherin Fired By Hamilton Tiger-Cats

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It actually ended up being a positive. Sutherin showed class and humbleness by coming back to the Cats in a reduced role. The result was a Grey Cup win for him and the organization a couple of years later.

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I took the time to view this 45 minute podcast. I highly recommend it for Tiger-Cat fans. I really enjoyed listening to these guys reminisce & trade stories about Sudsy.
Very entertaining. Also surprising to learn that Ron Lancaster was not really beloved by his players. Ever the “Little General”, as a star QB & as a Coach.

I did not recognize Mike Philbrick. I was quite impressed by how articulate & eloquent he is with a microphone in his face. Actually all of them, Hitch & all 4 guests were very entertaining.
Certainly a nice tribute to Don Sutherin . . . RIP indeed.