RIP Chris Knox

You got to see your team win the GC. My condolences to the Knox family.

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Ohhh thats tough :frowning:

At least he got to see his team win...

His story touched me, i was happy to see him get the Grey Cup. Was he at the game?

yes. ppl donated for him, his mother, and his nurse to fly to Toronto and for everything else. He rode in a government plane I believe

And about 4 other organizers which i think was wrong got trips to the Grey Cup for free.

That's bittersweet, isn't it?

Good job on the people who made it possible for him to see his dream. So sad though - brain cancer's about the worst thing you could go Mom just passed in April from it and it's not pretty. Poor kid - 24's just too young.

My mom died of it five years ago when I was 12. Cancer is a horrible, horrible thing.

More here

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I assume it was posted here when it started, but hopefully you guys have taken part in the fundraisers.

If not, don't be shy.

While it is sad that Chris has now passed, this is not a sad story, but rather one of the feel good stories of the year.
This is the selfless act of kindness that we expect of our citizens.
Winning the Grey Cup may make football players heroes to some, including Chris, it was the the off field actions of those involved with the club, both players and management that make them heroes.

Godspeed to Chris and his family, and Godbless everyone with the Rider organization from Jim Hopson on down that fulfilled a stricken, but not defeated, young man's dreams.

And if anyone wishes to pass their sentiments directly to the family, here is the link:

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First of all, I would like to identify myself as one of these four (actually three that traveled) organizers you are referring to, and I am doing my best to NOT be offended by your comment because I know you are making conclusions from incorrect or incomplete information. You see, each and every one of us PAID for our trip, we purchased our own game tickets, paid for flights on the charters, our hotel rooms, and all but two meals.

I actually came here to express my gratitude to the Ti-Cats organization for their help [edit]and stumbled across this thread[/edit]. There is much more to this story than Chris Knox. Because of the support we received from FOOTBALL fans, not just the Rider Nation, we were able to send 10 kids with cancer to the Grey cup along with two escorts each. Finding tickets was a difficulty for us, and you can be proud of YOUR Ti-Cats for providing us with 13 team tickets that helped us to get these families into the game.

I won't bore you with long details, but here is a link that pretty much encompasses the week we had.

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Suffice it to say that we organizers not only paid our own way, but invested over $20,000 of our own savings to ensure these kids would be able to go. So, when you hear that we're taking donations and putting them into our bank accounts, you'll know that it is true, but only to recompense the money we used to make sure these families could go.

In the next few weeks we will be putting up a list of accounts on for all of the donors to be able to clearly see where their money was used. Feel free to check on us there.

Once again, thanks to the Ti-Cats for their help.

Trevor D. Lowey

Just wow.
I think you owe the fine people who put their own lives on hold to organize this event an apology.

Well Trevor you and your three cohorts did a great and I think you deserve credit for doing what you did. There are many people that jump to conclusions and then eat crow later. I believe this is one of those cases.

Thanks RedWhite. It's one of those things where try as I might to stay humble, I just can't help but feel a little bit of pride for what we accomplished. Then I feel a little guilty for being proud because that's not why we did it; lay on top of that guilt the rumours that we took advantage of generous donations so we could get a free ride and well...I'd be a liar if I said it didn't hurt, but I do understand there was no malicious intent in his comments. He can only work with the information he was provided. I just hope he goes to the person who told him we had a free ride and straightens them out...and so on.

We managed to accomplish a great thing that we had no expectation of realizing. Sure, getting the kids to the Grey Cup was our goal and we succeeded, but to witness the widespread impact of what we accomplished was something we were totally unprepared for.

Add my name to those that send condolences. What a Great Thing you Rider Fans did..."But I'm not surprised"! :thup:

The CFL Fans Fight Cancer is a worthwhile venture that keeps the money raised..."in the community it is raised"! When you see the guys at a a shirt! Every dime is donated! :thup: :thup:CFL fans care! :thup:

I know how you feel. I volunteer my service for the satisfaction of others. And the pay is little if none but the pay out is knowing you did something good for others.

It Fans like this that Make the CFL Great.
Sorry to Hear He Lost His Battle With the Big C.
He Did some Great Things To Help the Battle vs Cancer.
Raising that Money was Just One

Rest In Peace ..

Trevor, I for one didn't care one way or the other if you paid for the trip or not. The bottom line is that a good deed was done for someone who really needed it and you four were instrumental in making it happen.

Congratulations and thanks
An Argo-Cat fan

Fantastic stuff guys, awesome. My wife is a radiation therapist at a cancer centre and some days when she comes home she says how lucky she is to have her health and is sad of the loss of of the patients that die from this dreadful disease. It's very tough and the treatments can be very tough as well on the patients as you know. Progress is being made, slowly but surely.