RIP Bruce Smith

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This is very sad news. I remember the '72 dl. Smith and Mosca at tackle and Gary (the Inkeeper) Inskeep and Angelo Wells at end.



Nice to see that he was still active in the Canadian football community

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Very sad. My condolences to his loved ones.

Many great memories are inherent with Bruce Smith's football career.

RIP, Bruce. Thanks for your contributions to the great game of football.

His family is in our thoughts and prayers.

8) Just one small correction there Mike. It was George Wells at DE. in 1972, not Angelo Wells !!!
8) I will always remember seeing Bruce Smith walking around downtown Hamilton, and he was the first football player
  that I ever saw carrying a purse !!

    That was back in 1972 of course, when purses became a big thing for men to carry !!
     Who would have dared say anything to Bruce Smith, at 6'3", and 260lbs.  with 19 inch arms at that time !!!

      Sad to hear of his passing, he was a good football player, who went on to have a successful real estate career !!

       Condolences to his family.

all I can say is: