RIP Barbara Walters

an icon of journalism has passed

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she knew long ago


Just saw this on the news...she had, to coin a phrase, game.

ok people. just stop dying.

An informative NY Times list of famous people who died in 2022, although not including Barbara Walters as that just happened. It’s worth a look see. There are many people on it that I didn’t know had died. I like the list because it doesn’t limit itself to celebrities and star actors, but rather includes those who have contributed to society in a meaningful way without necessarily having been famous.


Kids in junior high used to make fun of me because I watched shows like 20/20 instead of the more popular shows like Cosby.


i think 60 minutes, 20/20 and W5 were my favourite shows growing up

Yeah , former Pope Benedict died today too.

RIP to a journalist icon in Walters