RIP Angelo Mosca

Sad day for Canadian football as the legendary Angelo Mosca has died.

Five time Grey Cup champion who always played the way football should be played - - tough and aggressive.

Without question the greatest TiCat of all time.


RIP Angelo, great player, great man! Have met him many times. A sad day indeed.

Has there ever been a player that epitomized a Team, a City and a Fan Base more than Angelo Mosca?

It’s a sad day for Hamilton and the CFL

Sleep Well Big Ang

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One of the icons of the CFL.

RIP Angelo.

I didn't know he had Alzheimer's disease. Awful condition.

But I wonder if that contributed to him taking a swipe at Joe Kapp? Was he already showing signs of poor judgement?

Poor guy.

Yes , used to watch him at stampede wrestling all the time in Regina, he was a special man, rip mr. Mosca

I was thinking the same thing. You're probably correct.

I always thought it was Kapp who instigated the whole thing by taunting Mosca by shoving and waving the flower in his face . Although Ang did tell him to stick the flower in his body cavity....soooo

Looking back one might wonder if with Angelo's background in the world of wrestling if this wasn't one of those patented WWF preplanned hyped set-ups before a big match . :thinking:

You'll have to click on Watch on Youtube to view this unfortunately .

I got the sense that that melee was 100% real. There seemed to be real hatred and disgust there. I'd be surprised if it was a set up.

But I just wondered if his condition made it more likely for him to engage with Kapp that way or whether he would have held his cool if he wasn't afflicted.

One of the greatest CFL players ever. A sad day.

Based on how he played football and based on everything he’s ever said throughout his life, do you honestly believe Angelo Mosca would just sit quietly while another guy shoved some flowers in his face?

I can guarantee that if Mosca had been 30yrs younger and this happened, Joe Kapp would have been KTFO’d even worse than Wee Willie Fleming.

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