Rio gets 2016 Summer Olympics

The Toronto/Hamilton bid for the Pan/Am games chances of winning went up with Rio being awarded the 2016 games. Looks like we may get a new stadium after all.

Here is the link to the CBC story...

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Wow, with the 2014 World Cup there as well, a happening place. Toronto, at least those who want the Olympics there one day, should take not that the 2007 Pan-Am Games were in Rio so having the Pan-Am Games might put Toronto on the map as a city that doesn’t just care about “the Leafs” but is broader in it’s outlook on sports and how culture fits into a games perspective.

Rio was always thought to be the leading for The 2016 Games
With Chicago as #2 .. How Funny is it Chicago Brings out The Big Guns to push it Bid
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah
They may have had a Negive Effect on the bid.
As the windy City was Knock out in the 1st round of Voteing

with Rio Getting the games
Ontario may be a Lock for Pan Am .
I hate to face it we'll leave IWS Behind . it the wrong move.
Don't say did not warn everyone about ticket prices going up as well everything else once we move

Complaining about tickets AGAIN Tom? Why am I not surprised. As much as I love IWS, it would be time for it to become an ex-stadium. I would be happy if the new stadium had something approaching the sightlines of IWS.

You gonna talk to the BBB about that as well?

It's funny that when Toronto was trying to get the Olympics a few years ago people were coming out of the wood work to say that we shouldn't be spending billions when the money could be used to feed the poor, health care, housing etc the usual moaners and usual excuses why we should never fund sports.

Yet the people are dancing in the streets in Rio, about a million people dancing and jumping up and down
they are going to spend ELEVEN BILLION DOLLARS!!! one of the poorest countries with massive areas of slums/poverty and crime. Very strange how people in different parts of the world view hosting a major games.

Looks like the new stadium for Winnipeg is going to be delayed at least a year. Asper needs more time to come up with financing, they are blaming the economy:

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The Winnipeg development looks like the Ottawa plan with Asper and in Ottawa Hunts group coming up with $100million for the stadium.
The Ottawa stadium looks great, I like the idea of the teflon roofs over the south and north side stands.

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So in 2013 we could see 3 new stadiums in the CFL.

3 new stadiums in the CFL? I'll believe it when I see it, even 1 new stadium actually. But it would be nice although I'll miss that cherished walk down Barton from Centre Mall and all the lovely "sights" along this boulevard. :lol: :lol:

Well here's hoping North America goes 0 for 2 in the crooked game

Well you could be right, if the nimbys in Ottawa have their way they could shut down the Lansdowne bid. The latest in todays paper is that a citizens group will challenge the "commercial" aspect of the bid which will be OMB hearings dragging on and delaying the project. Its too bad.
In Winnipeg, Asper is saying that he can't raise the funding with the economy the way it is so another possible long delay.
If southern Ont doesn't get the Pan Am games, no stadium for Hamilton.
So we could see NO new stadiums by 2013

I fear that mike. Not that IWS is a bad stadium, it's great with the sightlines and that but I mean, come on, paying big bucks to go to a Grey Cup game in stadiums that are just not of Grey Cup image, like IWS, Canad Inns, Taylor Field as examples - that is just not good enough. With the CFL moving the championship around and still no new stadiums in these places or major reno's, I fear that's not a good sign for the future of the league. The CFL needs one new stadium IMHO, good to see Molson Stadium is goiing to be at 25,000 and honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing a Grey Cup there at 25,000, high prices yes but Montreal was able to get something done there. I know myself that if we don't get the Pan-Am Games and Bob Young asks the city for some major improvements to IWS and doesn't get it, I'll seriously have to consider cancelling my season tickets, the writing would be on the wall for this franchise then, not worth it. Hopefully they would then move to London in a refurbished TD Waterhouse Stadium, give me a reason to move back to London and retire there. London has more money than Hamilton and more of a distinct image that I think Bob Young or someone could really work with the city and the Ticats and the university and the city. I can honestly see this scenario if Hamilton doesn't get the Pan-Am Games. London is interesting actually. And TD Waterhouse on the University of Western Ontario's campus is gorgeous, right on the Thames River with the Thames river trail right there, I've hiked and walked and jogged on it many a time. That could be sweet, and no disrespect to Hamilton but IWS would be, well, what can I say, a dump compared with what London could offer with where the stadium is there.

of course you would :roll:

Perhaps the city of Toronto will bid for the 2020 games, and continue to bid for them once every 12 years. If Southern Ontario does not get the Pan-Am games, could there be a chance that there will be a new stadium in Hamilton of Toronto gets the Olympic games? I understand that if the 2008 Olympics were going to be held in Toronto, some events would have been held at IWS. I don't know if there would have been any renovations to it though. I understand that Olympic boxing matches would have been held at Copps Coliseum, but I digress.

That is an interesting point. Rio de Janeiro is well-known for its slums, but that did not keep them from getting the games.

I agree. It will Hamilton's chances. Excellent!

Hey come on boys beach volleyball in Rio is a religion and so are the Thongs :thup: Chicago is for Da bears Better for us NOW and our Bid , its all POLITICS :cowboy:

I was quite surprised that the IOC actually had the balls to say no to Chicago and the USA. Good for them. They are taking a big chance going to Rio with all their social problems, but with the World Cup and Olympics and the enthusiasm they show for sports, it should be a hell of a two year party in Brazil. Looking forward to it.

In refusing to give the Games to Chicago. the IOC was simply making sure there would be no repetition of the debacle that happened in Atlanta. That was surely the worst handled Olympics in history.

Remember how the Atlanta people decreed that National Anthems played at medal presentations were too long? So, the anthems of the gold medal winners were shortened to 20 seconds. Except for the American anthem, which was allowed to run full length, about 90 seconds. Crowd control was terrible. and the IOC made no secret about their disappoinment with the whole enchilada.

So long as the memory of those Games remains, the USA has little chance of seeing a return of the Olympics.

Good for Rio. It's nice to see some nationalistic pride.
But 2016 is a long way away. Wake me up when its Jun 1/16......or if we get the Pan-Am stadium.