Rinse and Repeat it's the Tiger Cat Way

Another rinse and repeat year. Obviously, the brain trust didn’t get the memo “they” would host the Grey Cup this year. Issues that need to be addressed:
1/ Talent assessment? Other teams can find them why not us?
2/ Wearing to many hats. Successful teams don’t have one person doing several jobs “poorly.”
3/ Coaching - Steinauer has been over his head from day one. Steinauer is neither a HC or a GM. What were “they” thinking?
4/ Fan base - It’s difficult to attract and maintain a fan base when it’s rinse and repeat and rinse and repeat.
5/ Sighing washed up players and expected different result. The Tiger Cats have excelled doing this with the same result. Injured or ineffective or both. Signing BLM was won of the worst decisions the Tiger Cats have made in the last few years.
6/ Bob Young Scott Michell - You would think - and I repeat you would think a major shakeup would be on the horizon. Or is it rinse and repeat.
7/ Danny Mac for GM?
8/ The Argos get to use our dressing room and hoist the Grey Cup in our stadium. Let that sink in for a few minutes.
9/ It has been exactly 24 years since the Tiger Cats won the Grey Cup in a 9 team league. Let that sink in for a few minutes.


You find them but then run them out of town… IMHO going forward your brain trust needs to surround your quarterbacks with better talent. All of your 21st Century offensive lines should’ve been built to dominate the trenches like they did back in the good old days. No wonder everyone else benefits from your castoffs.

Zach Collaros (the list should’ve ended here - you guys were set), but then there’s Jeremiah Masoli, Dane Evans, Henry Burris AND the great Anthony Calvillo… holy crap what a wasted opportunity there.

You’d still be set at quarterback with Zach Collaros, BUT Zach absolutely required (still requires) a solid front five to thrive and survive.

Receivers and Running Backs? Historically they’d have ALL looked better if your quarterbacks had that extra second or two to work their magic.

Now comes the expected blowback…

  1. Talent evaluation and the scouting process have been a serious problem with this team for a long time. We rarely develop players, particularly at the skill positions. Hence why we are always trying build ( constantly rebuild?) through free agency. Sadly, under the current regime I don’t think that’s going to change.

  2. You said it…SUCCESSFUL teams don’t cheap out and multi-craft key material positions into one person. We are the opposite of a successful team and the 20 year win/loss record proves this… I’ll let others come to their own conclusions as to why that is. I have mine.

  3. See: 1 and 2…

  4. After years of mediocrity and the selling of false hope, the ownership of this team deserves the empty seats the fanbase ought to give them. I’m happy to say that after listening to the 5th quarter last night a few people were openly mentioning not re-upping their season tickets because they’ve come to the realization that ownership is taking them for a ride. This is a positive development!!! It shows a maturation of the fanbase and its breaking away from the “Young saved the team” excuse…

  5. See: #1. The Mitchell move in the off season smelt of desperation without a lot of forward thinking. Another trait of losing teams trying to catch lightening in a bottle. It was almost a redux of 1996.

  6. My thoughts on the incompetent ownership of this team are well known. We have literally two decades of material…

  7. Possibly, but it sounds like a nostalgia move. He certainly deserves an interview…

  8. The ultimate insult to the fanbase…Thanks Bob " We have an astounding organization!!" Young!!

  9. Just goes to show the lack of a commitment to winning while abusing a loyal fanbase for 20 years…

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As a 20 plus year X season ticket holder. I agree 100%.


Young saved the team.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


After almost 65 years of being an ardent ticat fan, I packed it in early this year with the announcement of the hiring of BLM. Who exactly was it that saw potential in him that Calgary management didn’t? I could no longer continue to care about the team after it became abundantly clear that the team’s top management didn’t care.

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Yup. Lessons not learned for a thousand Alex.

True Maxx, our O line allowed Lemon to squeeze our QB’s yesterday.
First thing Ron Lancaster did when he came here was strengthen the O line weak points……


Agree with you 100%

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