Ring Chasing: Bighill's motivation in plain sight

HAMILTON — If Adam Bighill needed any extra incentive for being in Hamilton this week he only had to look at the 2019 Grey Cup ring that sparkled on his finger.

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Mr. Wolitarsky sums it up so well!

I would say any fan who does not wish Adam B was on their team is either lying or a maroon( as Bugs Bunny would say)

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Just got back from my visit with my medium, she's now a large, I asked who won the Grey Cup? she said, Winnipeg, I asked, by what score? she said, 33 -12.

I was halfway home when I realized I should've asked who will win the Grey Cup,

She not as good as she thinks she is, if she was she would know I was writing her a bad check.

Check?.............who writes checks anymore?


Wow. Just Wow. Please continue ...