apperently hes an arena football veteran and joseph says he looks alot like jason armstead. managements having him compete for the #4-5 reciever spot. What do u guys think does he have a chance? Anyone see him in action?

This is according to the Ottawa Citizen and its posted on the front page of

Well--he's a mature player at 31--so no untested kid right from college--ON THE OTHER HAND== still another SMURF!

This management may be making the same mistakes as the Tillman/Paopao bunglers--how coome Ottawa never gets the BIG recievers like Copeland,Hervey,Ticker --that create havoc for the oppositon smaller DB's?
Murphy,Armstead,Woodcock,Riley===Shorties all of them! WRONG,WRONG,WRONG!!!!!

Oops-I forgot "Tiger" Jones--at 5'11 --he's a giant among our smurf corps...

I have no problem with him, as if he is fast enough then who needs height. Is height a problem for Armstead? I think not so lol

Yep, we need some TALL receivers. Five foot nine? Man, I', 5'11'' and I don't feel tall enough to play football. He better be able to jump for it.