Right On and Well written by Hamilton Community News in July the following story.

Thursday, July, 10, 2014 - 4:04:58 PM

Fumbling Tim Hortons Field

If anybody in Hamilton was surprised that Infrastructure Ontario and Ontario Sports Solutions, the consortium building the new Tim Hortons Field, won’t be finished the stadium until, at the earliest, August, then they must have been living in a cave.
The determination to demolish Ivor Wynne, and build the $145-million stadium on the same location within 16-months was ambitious to even contemplate.
Infrastructure Ontario did warn the city and the Tiger-Cats about possible delays, urging them to create contingency plans. Yet, the football club and the contractor continued to paint a sunny picture that essentially amounted to “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,? despite weather problems and contractor issues.
The original deadline to have the stadium substantially completed was the end of June. Then it was the end of July. Now there are questions as to whether the stadium will be ready for Labour Day.
How many more times will the deadline be pushed back until questions will be asked and people held accountable?
City officials and politicians were agreeable to the official pronouncements either because they were in on the attempt to present a smiley face on what has turned into a black mark on Hamilton’s ability to deliver an “on time, under budget? project, or they were misled by Infrastructure Ontario and the contractor.
Tiger-Cat officials continued to swat away questions about contingency plans for their first home game in July even when it became obvious there was a problem. CEO Glenn Gibson said in late April,
“I’m very positive (and) optimistic we’ll be ready. Why make a story when there is no story??
And when the Ticats were forced to come up with a contingency plan? It’s back to McMaster’s 6,000-seat stadium, but with no agreement for any games beyond July.
So, who is responsible for what is a colossal mess up? Fingers can be pointed all around, from the secretive and controlling Infrastructure Ontario, which selected the contractor that boasted it could meet the difficult deadlines, to the city and politicians for all the political wrangling to pick a stadium site, and even the Tiger-Cats themselves which blocked possible stadium locations. Still, the Ticats will benefit from the delay, since the developer will pay $1 million to the club for each home game missed.
But the real losers are the taxpayers and public who are footing the bill. Season ticket holders who expected to be in the cozy confines of Tim Horton Fields, will now be fighting to get a cold seat at Ron Joyce. And the surrounding homeowners in Hamilton’s west end will also end up paying a price for the Tiger-Cats “game day experience.?


Yah Reality Sucks!!

Seems a little over-dramatic. Effects are neutral on taxpayers/public, and minimal (if even noticeable) for Westdale residents. Ticket holders are not “fighting” for seats at RJ - there are still some available. The experience there won’t be as nice as a brand new stadium, but fortunately everyone who doesn’t want to attend has the option of a refund.

The writer is big on pointing out problems, but falls short of offering up alternatives. What what they have had the team do when it became apparent there would be a delay: wave a magic wand and create a temporary floating stadium in the harbour?

Way to beat a dead horse, Wilson!

Hey just a suggestion to the story written in Hamilton, maybe since the Cats are compensated per each not played at the delayed stadium game at 1 million dollars plus, maybe the fans could get compensated as well for every game the name stadium is not open from July 26th, 2014 on ward Ti-Cat fans would receive free tickets to each game the stadium is not opened, so far they would owe us for 3 games and just charge it to Ontario Sports Solutions!

8) Obviously you're not a season ticket holder, or you would know that all season ticket holders were given the choice of
  either attending games at Mac, or getting a full refund or credit if they opted no to Mac games !!!

  You should take the time to read all the posts on all topics before making your comments !!
   Then maybe you would have a true understanding about what is really transpiring on all topics.   <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: --> 

    Why in the world would the TiCats give free tickets to people who are not season ticket holders who have paid their 
     money upfront months ago, even if it were to be charged to OSS ???

     I take it you are just joking about that statement !!!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

No I don't have the luxury of being a local Tiger-Cat fan and Season Ticket Holder, I actually drive two and half hours away from Hamilton to see the Cats play at the old Never Wynne Stadium and I will at THF once the stadium opens, unlike many fans who live within a short drive and close by but choose not to be season ticket holders or attend games on a regular basis.

Local fans have all the gifts of a Football team handed to them on a silver platter, local transit, easy parking, local team but everyone in Ontario and Canada is paying for your stadium through huge taxes and the Pan Scam Games, So get off your Whining Asses and support your local team, crap local Ti-Cat fans should have built a 35,000 seat stadium and had no problem filling it with just season ticket holders alone, oh but than again it would have taken four years to build and cost an extra $300 Million dollars??

Rob Ferguson of the Toronto Star on July 18, 2014 writes,

Officials at Infrastructure Ontario said Friday they won’t know until late July when the massive construction project on the site of the old Ivor Wynne Stadium will be wrapped up, but maintain it is 85 per cent finished with 500 workers on site daily.

“At that time we will be in a better position to confirm the completion date,? Infrastructure Ontario spokeswoman Mandy Downes told the Star in an email after senior Pan Am Games executives said in a conference call they expect everything to be done in six weeks. 100% completed by the end of August.



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With the EXCEPTION of the odd, cogent and sometimes intelligent comment about the team and its performance, all you do is whine…Hudak, didn’t win, Wynne won, taxpayer money is going down the drain, look at Ottawa, look at Winnipeg, look at Stanford, look at…wherever, yadda-yadda-yadda…we get it…

You are a right-wing Harperite, probably a member of the National Citizens Coalition, otherwise known as a tea-party wannabe, and you drive two-and-a-half hours to each home game, uphill both ways, in a blizzard, with no tires on the car, no windshield, and an engine that doesn’t run…

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It's nice to know you have a very LOW IQ I tell by your response to anything intelligent, it's all about threats and putting other fans down like myself, I'm just mentioning Facts, maybe instead the Ti-Cat management should remove your comments all together.

Well this is who Lenny and Philly voted for the Liberals of Ontario, you got what you deserve and will get soon!

“At that time we will be in a better position to confirm the completion date,? Infrastructure Ontario spokeswoman Mandy Downes told the Star in an email after senior Pan Am Games executives said in a conference call they expect everything to be done in six weeks. 100% completed by the end of August.

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Hey How about those Tiger-Cats, hope they win on Saturday at McMaster Ron Joyce Stadium against Calgary.