right now they could use...

a legitimate threat like archie, i know he's been away for awhile but you knew what you were getting from this guy every game,its just too bad archie's mouth got him in trouble sometimes.
a good possession receiver like morreale, nobody on this roster willing to break his ribs to sustain a drive.
an offensive co-ordinator who knew just what corey holmes brings to the table.this guy at one point was the west div.'s outstanding player.and he isn't even
being given the opportunity to be the best player on the worst team in the league.do we need to play hilites of his 2005 season in sask on the stinkin tigervision for these coaches to let them in on the secret? this is one I, and i'm sure alot of you out there will never understand.
last but certainly not least,some type of gadget that allows charlie to send an electric shock thru any players body the moment he takes a "me first" penalty.
i know the last one is unrealistic,but you get the point.

           CITY LEGEND

I'm still thinking that Holmes is that kind of guy but we haven't seen plays designed to showcase his talent as of yet.

What I think this team needs is people taking responsibility for their own actions, (read Charlie Taffe). How many times have I heard Charlie comment on how young the team is? Well, I believe that was his choice, (see Rob and Mike). He mentions the lack of leadership, (correct me if I am wrong, but, doesn't leadership start at the top and isn't he the one who hired two young coaches as coordinators and then installed a complex offensive system?). Correct me if I am wrong, but, what this team needs is for Charlie to step up and admit that many of the issues can be laid right on his doorstep. If he was willing to accept his responsibility, players may start to do the same.


p.s. if no one is using it, let me just put my soapbox away.

a hug! :lol:

Ron Lancaster was Archie's coach and Charlie was Thomas Haskins coach so you think the team would know how to design and call plays to feature a scat back like Corry.