Right now, the Argos Really Do S.U.C.K.

Holy crow, I'm watching yesterday's game and I'm cringing everytime we have the ball. Either Spergon Wynn is playing the way I would in his situation, or the Toronto offensive line is playing similar to my Arizona Cardinals, or the defense is giving up completion after completion, or we're messing up 3rd and 1's like it was a 3rd and 21.......man, the Argos looked lost yesterday. I don't want to make excuses, because football is a team game and one or two individuals shouldn't make too much of a difference, but losing an All-Star in Fletcher and an MOP in Allen makes a huge difference in my opinion, although Kelly has played nicely at LB in Fletcher's absence. Still, this team doesn't look nearly as crisp and confident as they did the last 2 seasons.

Now, I'm only writing this with respect to how they've played on the field this year, and I hope for some mature, unbiased responses. I'm typing this as a football fan as well as an Argo fan. I'm hoping I can read some serious answers to my post instead of the "Argos stink and they always will" jargon. I'm posting this as a football fan and hope I can see constructive posts, like I've done here in the past. This post is more of a frustrational rant.

I feel your pain. I really do think that you guys need to find a more consistent back up QB. He just doesn't have the leadership ability that DA has and while I realize that DA has much more experience, you need a guy who is going to be able to step in there and consistently do what needs to be done. He doesn't seem to be able to shake it off and move on when he makes a bad play and I think that's part of his problem.

As for your O-line, they really aren't giving your RB's any significant room to run and apparently not giving Wynn enough time to get off a decent throw. I was talking to my friend at the game yesterday and we were saying how it seems like Wynn gets a play in his head and goes with it whether it's going to work or not. He or the OC or whoever calls the play and then when the receiver is in double coverage he doesn't look around to see if there's a better option, he just throws to the guy anyway.

You do have to give Glenn credit, while his performance was not stellar, he was able to move the ball downfield when he needed to. I don't know where some of your big play guys on D were but they weren't making the plays that they are expected to make. Complacency is a dangerous thing and I think that since the core of your D has been together for so long they think it's automatic and it's going to be a cakewalk and that's not the case. Winnipeg is a much improved team and hopefully we will be soon too. It's going to be a much tighter race this year. At 0-4 we should be in dire straights but there are 2 other teams who have only won one game so far so really we're still in the thick of it.

Geez...Change Argos to Ticats and you have the same type of posts I've seen on this forum :wink:

Are the Offensive players not comfortable having Wynn as their QB? I didn't watch alot of the game but on the one play when the Argos got stuffed for a loss (running play to Ricky), it almost appeared as though the linemen opened up so that the Bombers could come through to tackle Williams.

Moreover, the ofensive plays that I did watch that were botched included Williams...Hmmm...Is something going on in Argoland?

I was thinking the exact smae thing BG......it's like Wynn has the one play in mind, is so focussed on it, and that makes the defenses too ready to react and too easy to intercept. The one TD play was when he looked one way and fooled the safety by going the other. He needs to make the defenders guess. Plus, he didn't spread the ball upfield at all. Too often he'd throw it a few yards and ask his receivers to do the rest. That won't win football games. I notice that Maas does that too sometimes. That's almost like the QB is trying to get out of doing some work and making the receivers do it for him.

As for the backup QB......Wynn is making Bishop look like Flutie. Okay, not really, but Wynn looks horrible. At least Bishop could run. Thank God ALlen's back in 2 weeks.

It's painful to watch when it's your team isn't it?? lol. Yeah I noticed that he did do some on the spot thinking on the TD. Other than that he looked terrible. When you're running game is going nowhere and they're reading your plays at the LOS you're in big trouble. He seemed afraid to throw anything more than 5 yards. It's almost impossible for your receivers to get those extra yards when you're throwing them a short pass and they're surrounded by the D before they can take a breath.

A good QB not only has to be able to change the play to make it work at the last minute, he needs to be able to read the D and know where they're going and he can't do that. One of the things I loved about Danny McManus was that when he'd throw a pick or an incomplete pass he's put it behind him and get on with the game and I'm not seeing that happening here.

I saw several plays where Wynn could have made the 1st down if he would have run the ball and he didn't do it.

"Argos stink and they always will"

just kidding, Toronto did look pretty rusty yesterday.

Nice analysis BG.......doesn't help when Wynn's arm is soft too and his short passes are taking forever to get there.

Thanks TO. I really thought Wynn might be a suitable replacement for DA after the season opener, but apparently not.

It's like having success on your first drive of the game......you get into a sense of overconfidence and possibly believe you're better than you are and struggle the rest of the way. Wynn won his first game (like scoring on your first offenseive drive of the game) and now is struggling the rest of the way it seems.

Give the rebuilt Winnipeg defence the credit for yesterday’s victory over the Argos. You may recall that the Bomber defence held Ricky Ray and the Edmonton Eskimos to 10 points last week. The Argo offensive line did not adequately open up the running game and the Bomber defence was able to tee off on Wynn when he tried to get the passing game going.

As for comparisons between Spergon Wynn and Michael Bishop, Wynn is a much better CFL quarterback than Bishop was. For example, in the 2005 season, Bishop completed 49.0% of his passes with 1 TD and 4 interceptions. This year, Wynn has completed 63.0% of his passes with 4 TDs and 3 interceptions. Argo offensive co-ordinator Kent Austin runs a complicated offence- Wynn has been with the team for less than three months and he already has a better handle on the offence than Bishop had during his two years with Austin.

I'm disapointed with Argo OC Kent Austin's treatment of backup QB's .

He totally covers his face :roll: rolls his eyes to the sky dome Sea Gulls and walks to the sidelines turning his back on the QB who is Wynn coming off the field.

This seems a bit arrogant to me and a complete put down embarrassment to the QB who is learning the game and doesn't see the field of hotshot Argo recievers the way Austin does.

Austin really looks like a jerk doing this!! :thdn:

He did it to Wynn last game and did it last year to Bishop. :thdn: