ive got two things to complain about here lol so bare with me, i dont like to nag the officials but anyone watching the bb game that was maybe the single worst MISS call i have ever seen, kamau peterson got hit verrry clearly before the ball got there, how blind are these dumb refs that would have gave wpg a first down deep in calgarys end had the flag been thrown like it should have. that was a joke. the score should be different. and the other complaining i will do is again to do with peterson........ another dropped ball that was right in his hands perfectly thrown by tee and he dropped it and we didnt get the first down . PathetiC....

WHAT THE HELL! TEE MARTIN?! oh my mother, i cant even believe this! here comes 1-6!!!

i know :x i said that to the ppl im watching the game with as soon as tee martin came in, now we've lost. unless kevin comes back no chance. tee isnt doing anything!!!! lets see wynn or michna pleeeeaaassee!

aahhhh, where was tee martin throwing that ball to? the reciever was 5 yards further the calgary player didnt have to do anything i almost thought it was burris passing at first because thats how good the throw was (to the wrong player :cry: ) glenn come back or it will be a long night

I still hate Tee Martin....

2-9, interception

Who the hell was he throwing to? Stoddard was WIDE open.

And the refs? Get some glasses guys. Perfect reason why we need video replay.

god damn that martin... i have to actually say... the bombers are playing like SHIT! westwood is gonna get his ass kicked! :evil: what the hell is with receivers! charlie isnt doing anything anymore and stamps are picking apart the D! as i said... 1-6! please please! let glenn be back in!

Why did they take Glenn out?

Hurt his hand....Too bad Martin doesn't get hurt


He hurt his thumb cant hold the ball

Jee that is odd. I wonder why they got Wynn only to send Martin out in backup?

wow at halftime the announcers denounced the bombers offense almost as much as i have. cbc made some very good points, the offense has no creativity we give it to roberts on first down everytime? just a little predictable :x but it doesnt help when tee martin can't complete a pass..... wynn or michna now! this is discusting to watch, i dont think ive seen a passing game this bad in a looong time. stegall is dropping balls too, ive defended him allot my self but he is slowing down and he isnt the reciever he used to be, but he's still our best. we need a marquis reciever. if it wasnt for our d this wouldn't even be watchable, and it almost isnt still!



Good Job Bombers......looks like it's 1-6

nice int by evans, then lets run it up the middle against the calgary blitz with roberts! yay safety... here u go stamps 2 points and the ball :evil: bad play call. i have a feeling im going to be doing much more complaining tonight

ive never liked daley but i dont know if that call came from him or gibson the coordinator either way thats very poor.

I think all us bomber fans should be the 'Warriors of the Game', for putting up with this garbage they are calling 'Bomber Football'


Wow...Two decent plays, then right back to Roberts up the gut....very creative guys......but, we finally threw a ball to Stoddard...take note Daley, he was capable of catching it.

yea a "few good plays" and your right more bad play calls every time on first down we run with roberts..... hey coaches wake up everyone knows what ur going to do!

no kidding!

another interception by tee martin.... awesome.... right after another run by roberts on first down that go nowhere, i think they knew we had to pass.hah and another bad throw.